Scorpio February 2017

chickens-508491_1280Scorpio (24 October – 21 November)

Your ruling planet Mars is strong in Aries this month and this isn’t the time to hang around waiting for things to happen. With Mars in Aries, line up your goals, get things moving, be brave.

Aries rules your work and routine, your lifestyle and your health and as Mars is linked to athleticism, this would be a wonderful month to up your fitness levels. In fact, you might find you need an outlet now for any extra energy.

If you’re aware that you’re feeling angry or more impatient than usual with Mars in Aries, let off steam on a run or do martial arts. This is also the month when you could decide to take a leading role at work whether you step into the role of spokesperson, fight for your rights or defend the rights of other people. When Mars in Aries, there’s no holding you back. This is the symbol of the protester.

There may be a specific reason why you’re feeling charged and ready for action now. This month, there’s a powerful Lunar or Full Moon eclipse which cuts across the foundations of your chart and the Leo/Aquarius axis of the zodiac.

These two signs represent your career and vocation, your status and reputation (Leo), your home and family (Aquarius). This eclipse is similar to the ‘almost eclipse’ in August 2016 so events back then may have been the catalyst for what’s currently happening in your life.

In addition, this is the start of a new eclipse cycle which lasts until January 2019. Eclipses ramp up the action. Sometimes they bring what’s hidden to light or coincide with dramatic external events. However a Lunar Eclipse is also about what’s going on inside you and with regard to your close relationships.

Certainly this feels like an emotional time when you or the ones you love might be ready to make some big changes to the place you live or what you do for a living. If anything, Mars in Aries is sowing the seeds for new developments further down the line.

Yet this eclipse also gains support from other planets so there may be other reasons now why change is imminent. This could be linked to finances, your health or wanting to find a job or role in life that’s more in line with who you are. There may be a deeply personal reason why your current situation is changing and your foundations are shifting.

Remember too that the planet of opportunity and growth, Jupiter, is hidden away in your chart in the sign previous to yours. Libra. So this is a key period of preparation getting ready for when Jupiter moves into your sign of Scorpio in October this year.

Until then, you’re laying the groundwork, changing yourself on the inside so you’ll be ready for new horizons, a new role once Jupiter enters your sign. This month, Jupiter turns retrograde on the 6th and will be in retreat on June. So dig a little deeper, go further within, be willing to analyse and explore until you find the insights and hidden riches you’re after.

Home and family, your past are also prominent now and in fact, it might be that someone’s support or help is what enables you to explore a new path in life. People in your life who will hold the fort allowing you a chance to shine bright or take a starring role.

This will certainly be an intriguing time for love too as love planet Venus and your partner planet joins Mars in Aries on the 3rd. If you’re looking for love, you’re most likely to meet someone new through your place of work or when you’re at a spa, gym or meditation space.

You may join forces now with a partner in your life, perhaps your intimate other half, to start a new business or support one another finding work or meeting deadlines. This is a good month to team up with a support buddy to help you achieve your goals, whether related to your health or your lifestyle or routine.

Yet Venus doesn’t catch up with your ruler Mars and in fact come next month, Venus will turn tail and begin to retreat. So be aware of this too and notice your own behaviour especially close to the 22nd and 27th.

This is when your ruler Mars clashes first with Pluto (22nd) and then with the Jupiter-Uranus (27th) opposition. This feels volatile and it’s important that you don’t let your emotions run away with you or spiral into self-destructive mode during this time.

In fact, this is when you need to find a positive outlet for your charged emotions rather than let them come out at work or with the one you love. Rein in any impulsive behaviour especially close to the 27th as this is when accidents can occur.

There is also a second eclipse towards the end of the month on the 26th. This is a Solar or New Moon eclipse which takes place in the water sign Pisces. The Sun enters Pisces on the 18th when there’s a shift in mood.

Water signs, like your sign of Scorpio, are non-verbal and intuitive. The Sun’s move into Pisces is both romantic and creative and you need to find activities that inspire you which take you out of your everyday routine. If you’re working too hard in February, ensure you play hard too and find some quality down time.

The eclipse on the 26th is the last in a cycle of eclipses which began in March 2015 cutting across the Virgo/Pisces axis of your chart. This is about friendship, group activities and your creative source. It’s where your passion lies and what you do for fun.

The eclipse on the 26th may coincide with an ending or a willingness to let go, to surrender, to move on. Neptune sits next to the Sun and Moon so this is a time to lose yourself but in a good way. Neptune is linked to seduction and it’s a boundless planet. You might need to help someone close at this time, perhaps a child, lover or friend. Be there for the ones you love.

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