Scorpio December 2020

December horoscopes

Mars On The Move

Your traditional ruler, Mars, is completing its journey through Aries and your work and health sector. Mars is in forward motion, strong and dynamic and will complete its six-month journey through this sector of your horoscope on January 6, 2021.

Mars here is a reminder to focus on the basics of life, to look after yourself and keep healthy habits and daily routines in place. There is one last clash with planets in Capricorn on the 23rd and this is a pivotal conflict for you as it involves your two ruling planets, Mars square Pluto.

This could bring an ongoing conflict or argument to a dramatic end. For some of you, this might symbolise the end of a project or job. Your anger about a situation may trigger an ultimatum or a final warning. Try and release any pent-up emotions constructively and don’t be dramatic for the sake of it.

Fire Sign Energy

Mars does, however, make excellent planetary aspects to the Sun and Mercury in Sagittarius on the 11th & 15th. In fact, fire sign energy is strong this month, especially close to the New Moon Solar Eclipse in Sagittarius on the 14th.

Fire signs are motivated and dynamic and like to get things moving. Solar Eclipses are like a New Moon with extra oomph. They’re turbo-charged.

Admittedly, eclipses sometimes coincide with dramatic events and can indicate a significant turning point. Sometimes, you experience an ending before you area able to initiate a new beginning.

Sagittarius is your personal money sector, ruling your possessions & assets, your values & self-worth. There might be a chance to earn extra money close to the 14th. Or, perhaps you need to put more energy into finding work or a job.

Venus & Connections

Use your contacts at this time as Venus, the planet of relating, is in your star sign Scorpio and connects with Jupiter & Saturn in Capricorn and your communication sector. This is around the same dates – the 14th/15th – and suggests that luck and good fortune are linked to your network and getting the right people on your side.

Venus in your star sign up until the 15th boosts your popularity, your attractiveness factor. This can be a promising time for love & relationships.

Or, perhaps you feel good about yourself and that comes across and benefits you in other ways. The Venus-Pluto connection on the 10th is great for reaching out and influencing others.

Jupiter & Saturn – Aquarius Themes

The big news this month is the fact that both Jupiter & Saturn change star sign. Jupiter is the planet of luck and opportunity and Saturn is the planet of responsibility and authority.

Both planets have been in Capricorn, the star sign which rules communication in your horoscope throughout 2020. If you’ve made significant progress with the way you communicate on- or off-line, you’ve been in tune with Jupiter’s expansive nature.

You may have found your voice, started a podcast or blog. Power has been a major theme too, whether you needed to stand your ground and be true to your convictions or you’ve played a significant role within your community.

Jupiter and Saturn leave Capricorn on the 17th & 19th but the Sun moves into Capricorn on the 21st, the same day as the Jupiter-Saturn Great Conjunction. Talk planet Mercury also enters Capricorn on the 20th.

You might be able to take advantage of what you’ve discovered over the past year and use this knowledge to launch a project or gain respect for what you’ve achieved. The stand-out date could be the Full Moon in Cancer on the 30th.

Both Jupiter and Saturn move into Aquarius this month and this turns the spotlight towards your home and family, your past and your roots. The Jupiter-Saturn conjunction may coincide with good news in these areas. Or, bring some respite from a difficult situation.

When Jupiter’s in your home and family sector, this is a classic time to move home or expand where you live. With Jupiter’s ‘foreign’ theme, you could be planning a move abroad or be reconnecting with family who live scattered around the world or in a different part of the country.

A big family celebration is well-starred, even if you have to use technology and go on-line. This would fit the Aquarius’ theme, which rules the collective and all things modern & technological.

For some of you, 2021 might be a year when you’re expanding your family whether this involves your children, an adoption, the addition of a step family or moving into a community. The likelihood is that you’ll be learning to work within society or the collective in a whole new way.

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