Scorpio December 2019

Scorpio, winter

Mars’ Action

Mars, your ruling planet, is in your star sign, Scorpio, throughout December. This is where action planet, Mars, excels in Scorpio and it brings with it a boost of energy or confidence. You’re prepared to fight for what you want when you have the God of War backing you up.

Mars in Scorpio turns the cosmic spotlight towards your personal goals and ambitions and what you want to achieve for yourself. Scorpio rules your physical body and appearance as well as your profile and image. This is your cue to pick up the pace, believe in yourself and make things happen. It’s an exciting energy that’s motivating and purposeful.

Mars makes only positive planetary aspects this month teaming up with Saturn and Pluto on the 19th and 22nd respectively and Neptune on the 13th. This is good for meetings & interviews (Saturn/Pluto) and getting your point across. Both Saturn and Pluto are in your communication sector.

Mars’ connection with Neptune is a gorgeous flowing energy. Spend quality time with your kids, contribute to a worthy project, explore your creativity and do whatever brings you pleasure in life. There’s a trust and faith in this combination. Follow wherever life leads you. 

This planetary connection evokes the theme of surrender whether you’re on a spiritual path or you recognise that letting go of control will work in your favour. Take an alternative approach to your usual mode of action and actively seek happiness.

Neptune is in Pisces and the sector of your horoscope that rules love affairs and romance. Therefore, the 8th and the 13th look dreamy. Also the 3rd which looks a special date for love. This is when Venus, your partner planet, connects with your ruler and the planet of sexuality, Mars.

The lovers of the heavens unite. This is gorgeous if you want to find love, make love or do more of what you love. Your choice, but make the most of Mars boosting your passion potential.

Money Matters

The big news this month is the planet of luck and opportunity, Jupiter, on the move. Jupiter takes approximately one year to move through each sign of the zodiac. On the 2nd, Jupiter leaves fire sign Sagittarius and enters earth sign Capricorn where it remains until December 2020.

This is an important shift in the heavens and feels significant for you. Jupiter has been in Sagittarius ruling money and your personal finances since November 2018. This can indicate a flow with regard to money which brings wealth and abundance your way.

Even though Jupiter leaves Sagittarius on the 2nd, the Sun remains here until the 22nd, the day of the Solstice. Talk planet Mercury is also in Sagittarius from the 9th to the 29th. Seeds which have been sown while Jupiter’s been in your personal money sector could come to fruition this month. 

The most important date is the Full Moon on the 12th cutting across the Sagittarius/Gemini axis of the zodiac. Full Moons shine a light on your affairs and bring clarity to your situation. This would be a good date to sign or seal a financial deal and trust your intuition around money matters.

Jupiter Goals – Communication & Education

Jupiter’s move into Capricorn on the 2nd begins a new year-long chapter. Capricorn rules your communication sector. This is ideal for all forms of communication, debating, gathering and sharing ideas and information, making new friends and learning new skills. 

A new role as a voice-over artist, a new job as a journalist, a new role as a blogger? Use your voice to the best of your ability because this could be the start of something big. Saturn and Pluto have been paving the way in Capricorn but Jupiter elevates your voice of authority to a new level. 

As Jupiter represents truth and justice, you could choose to use this major Jupiter transit to unearth corruption or wrong-doing. Decide where and how you want to actively use Jupiter in your communication, learning and ideas sector. 

Key dates this month are the 15th when there’s a stunning Jupiter-Uranus trine aspect in earth signs, Jupiter in Capricorn and Uranus in Taurus. This is a good date for joint ventures or teaming up in a partnership. Taurus is your opposite sign so good fortune could come via a third party. This combination feels entrepreneurial and is brilliant for risk-taking and embracing new experiences. 

Also the 27th, when there’s the annual Sun/Jupiter conjunction, again in Capricorn. This could bring good news your way. Capricorn represents your siblings and neighbours, so look out for movements there. And, it would an ideal date for a community venture.

Capricorn Solar Eclipse

There is a New Moon or Solar eclipse on the 26th, four days after the Solstice, when the Sun moves into Capricorn on the 22nd. This is part of an eclipse cycle which began in July 2018 and completes in July 2020 cutting across the Cancer/Capricorn axis of the horoscope.

This sector of your horoscope rules education, communication, travel and study. It’s where you expand your horizons, dream big and increase your knowledge and life experience.

Travel could be more than just a holiday this month. You might bump into someone who opens up new possibilities in your life. Or, you end up somewhere that proves serendipitous, being in the right place at the right time.

Eclipses often coincide with the unexpected. Therefore, it is important to remain flexible and give yourself extra time if you’re travelling. Sometimes, it’s the unexpected journey or diversion that proves meaningful.

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