Scorpio August 2016

Scorpio August 2016Scorpio (24 October – 21 November)

Events at the beginning of the month indicate excitement in the areas of your life connected to work and money. This is because of powerful fire sign activity on the 1st and 2nd of August.

The main planetary event is the New Moon in Leo on the 2nd. Leo rules your career and vocation, your future and where you’re heading in life and New Moons symbolise new beginnings. You might hear news of a job or contract on this date and it’s a powerful time to set your intentions for the month ahead.

This would be a brilliant date to launch a project or new initiative, apply for a job, ask for work, let other people know what you do. You might gain inspiration yourself from an unusual source so keep your options open and your antennae highly tuned.

There is a flow of fire sign activity on the 1st and 2nd and fire signs are dynamic and go-getting. Make the most of this positive period to take one step closer towards your ideal job, your future goals.

For some, this is a time when you’re considering what next and change is on the cards. The main indicator of this is the lunar eclipse which takes place on the 18th and cuts across the Leo/Aquarius axis of the zodiac.

Leo rules your work and career and Aquarius rules your home and family. This axis dominates the foundations of your chart, where you’re from and your past and where you’re heading and your future. What’s important about this eclipse is that it’s the first in a series of eclipses cutting across the Leo/Aquarius axis until January 2019.

So look out for signals, a turning point, a chance to do things differently during the eclipse period mid-month. Uranus, the planet of change and reinvention, is currently in your work and lifestyle sector and makes a positive connection to the eclipse. What can you do differently to enhance your current situation? Uranus rules technology and freedom so look at ways of creating more time for yourself, using the internet to good effect, starting a new business.

Eclipses can bring what’s hidden to light so it’s important to be on the ball this month and stay one step ahead of the rest. Try and predict what might happen during the eclipse period and where change is likely with regard to your home and family, your work and career. A new job might mean changes at home or a decision to move could be the catalyst with regard to career changes.

The other major activity which is important for you involves your ruling planet Mars. Mars leaves your sign of Scorpio on the 2nd of this month bringing an intense period in your life to a close.

Theoretically Mars’ move into Sagittarius is easier, lighter with more chance for movement. Mars in Scorpio is ambitious but it can take you down to the depths and you have to look more closely at the dark side of life. Sagittarius is about the bigger picture, looking towards the sky, seeing what next, moving out into the world.

Yet Mars isn’t alone in Sagittarius as Saturn is stationed in this part of your chart. Sagittarius rules your personal money sector and Saturn’s the opposite of abundance. You need discipline and commitment to make the most of Saturn’s transit through one part of your chart and Saturn has already been in residence in your money sector for most of the time since December 2014. It remains here until December 2017.

So what needs to change right now with regard to money and your financial situation? Mars is revving up the heat, it brings a sense of urgency, a decision to fight for what’s rightfully yours.

You might already recognise that you need to put extra drive and focus into money making activities or perhaps you’re determined to pay off debt. You might be up against the authorities and when Saturn’s in play, you have to abide by the rules. Mars wants action fast whilst Saturn slams on the brakes.

This might be evident for you during August because Saturn turns direct on the 13th and Mars and Saturn team up in the heavens on the 24th. This is tough astrology and indicates that you can’t get everything your own way. Yet don’t give up and decide which battles are worth fighting. Mars remains in your money sector until the end of September and Saturn is less evident next month.

The other key planetary activity this month takes place in Virgo, the sign which rules friends and group activities. On the one hand this is about your social life, making new friends, catching up with old friends but it’s also about your alliances, the people you team up with, who you hang out with.

Communication planet Mercury is in Virgo all month and from the 5th-30th, the planet of relating Venus is in Virgo. If you’re looking for love, love and friendship are linked and if you’re in a relationship, the biggest issue between you could be money, your future security.

Yet the other planet in Virgo is Jupiter, the planet of opportunity and growth, so it’s by joining forces that you get more done. Widen your reach, think foreign connections, get the law on your side. Take part in a political, social, environmental, humanitarian campaign. Together you’re bigger and better.

Key dates for Jupiter this month are the 22nd and 27th when Jupiter teams up with Mercury and Venus respectively. This feels joyous and gorgeous for a party, celebration or reunion and it’s good news for all group activities.

In some respect, this might be the final hoorah for a group in which you’re involved because Jupiter leaves Virgo next month on September 9th and Mercury turns retrograde this month on the 30th. So you’re wrapping things up at the same time as celebrating. Do it well as next month brings change to these areas.

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