Scorpio April 2021

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Money Vibes

Your ruling planet, Mars, is in Gemini and your joint finance sector until the 23rd. This is about shared resources, also inheritance, your legacy and what you receive from the past. It’s wise to dig deep into your psyche during this time, to unlock your hidden motivations.

Notice whether your beliefs hold you back around money. If so, use this transit of Mars to work on changing your mindset. Turn your attention to money matters, whether you’re keen to earn more or you want to use the money you have to good effect.

One word of caution is not to get overly carried away. Ensure that any schemes and dreams are based in reality. Pursue the possible goal rather than try to attain what’s impossible.

If you’re a typical Scorpio, you tend to be savvy with money. Trust your natural instincts about what feels right and what’s going to lead you to that allegorical pot of gold. The 17th could be a stand-out date and bring good news for family, a home matter or property deal.

Making Progress

The start of April is likely to be a time when you’re busy as there are key planets in Aries and your work and lifestyle sector. The Sun (identity) is here until the 19th, Venus (relating) until the 14th and Mercury (communication) from the 4th to the 19th.

Therefore, you’re wise to work hard in order to reap the benefits. Teamwork is essential and knowing the right person to contact to help you make progress. Think expert advice. 

From the 4th to the 19th, this means that Mercury and Mars are in mutual reception, i.e. in each other’s sign of rulership. This means they’re working together.

It’s an ideal opportunity to walk your talk and put your thoughts into action, your money where your mouth is. Act swiftly as both planets benefit from a speedy response.

Pluto Power

There may be someone in your life who tries to talk you out of your good ideas or worries you with their doom & gloom theories. This is due to Pluto in Capricorn and your communication sector and Pluto is your co-ruler.

The key dates to note are the 12th, 16th & 17th when Pluto clashes with the inner planets in Aries. Choose your confidantes carefully during this period in the month and be around people who raise your confidence, your vibe. Avoid conversations that leave you feeling despondent.

Also, watch out for negative thinking on your own part. If you’re a typical Scorpio, there will be a side of your nature that can spiral downwards as you’re a deep and analytical thinker.

This means that you often reach the places where other people never dare to tread. You might be processing hidden emotions this month and getting ready to release them.

This is likely to peak on the 27th, the day of the Full Moon in Scorpio and the same day that Pluto turns retrograde. This combination is intense and deep, purging and releasing. It’s a powerful Full Moon for you so consider what you want or need to let go of and focus on your emotional centre.

You could get involved in magic or a seance during this Full Moon, it feels so powerful. Be aware of your own power and use it well. Veer away from corruption or the underworld and use your power for transformation, regeneration and the greater good.

Love & Relationships

Close relationships are potentially part of the Full Moon package. And, there’s a real possibility that love could be one area of transformation in your life in the second half of April.

This is because love planet Venus enters Taurus and your relationship sector on the 14th followed by the Sun and Mercury on the 19th. It’s time to turn your attention towards your one-to-ones.

The planet of change Uranus is active in Taurus and your relationship sector too. Uranus favours spontaneity, acting fast, turning life on its head and is extremely lively from the 23rd to the 30th, the Full Moon period.

This could be fun and exciting as anything goes when Uranus is in action. However, it could bring unexpected events, so be prepared to dig deep and engage consciously and intensely with life.

Full Moons heighten emotions, your sign of Scorpio is passionate, even obsessive and people go a little bit crazy on the Full Moon. Bear this in mind.

Finally, there’s a foreign theme during this period as your planet Mars enters Cancer and your travel sector on the 23rd.

If love’s not foreground in your life, be your own best friend and start planning an exciting adventure or new experience. Mars will remain in Cancer throughout May and for the first half of June.

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