Scorpio April 2018

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Scorpio (24 October – 22 November)

Are you feeling fearless, Scorpio? April is going to be the month to up your game, a time when you can’t help but communicate what you’re thinking and feeling. This is because you have your ruling planet, Mars, in Capricorn and your communication sector.

This part of your horoscope is about ideas and everything connected with the written and spoken word. Mars is strong in Capricorn and this Mars is calculated, determined and quite often fearless.

Plus, Mars isn’t treading lightly throughout April, as it runs into Saturn on the 2nd and Pluto, your co-ruler, on the 26th. This indicates that you might have dealings with authority in the month ahead or perhaps you’re ready to expose some form of corruption or confront a person in power.

Certainly, it looks as if you can’t help yourself now and you’re determined to act with confidence, to be true to who you are. You may be dealing with a situation that involves a sibling or neighbour and, here too, the pressure is on. Capricorn rules your local community, your neighbourhood and if you’re keen to get involved with local matters, it’s the ideal time to do so.

The 2nd and 26th could be key dates for you when you realise what you can and can’t achieve. One door may be closed or you find yourself in an impossible situation. Don’t underestimate the people you’re up against early or late in the month and be strategic in your moves.

The 4th is potentially an argumentative date when your ruler Mars clashes with communication planet Mercury. Up until the 15th, Mercury is retrograde or on go slow in Aries and your work and routine sector. You might be determined to bring about change in your job or place of work or perhaps you find yourself out of odds with some of the people you work with.

You do have luck on your side, however, and, if you’re a typical Scorpio, you know when to be silent and when to speak up. Keep your cards close to your chest in the first two weeks of April if information is unclear or you don’t have all the facts at your fingertips. Often new information comes to light once Mercury turns direct and that date is the 15th.

You might be pushing for news or information with regard to a job or contract or perhaps what’s hidden is to do with your health. This is a time when you need to look after yourself and know that you have the protective planet Jupiter in Scorpio and extremely active this month.

This could spell good news for a publishing deal or a legal matter and when Jupiter comes together with your co-ruler Pluto on the 14th, you experience a breakthrough. Jupiter and Pluto planetary aspects often reveal hidden riches and a chance to get to the bottom of things. Put on your detective hat and find out what’s really going on.

The 24th looks promising for you when Mars teams up with lucky Jupiter. This could be a time of excitement when your ideas hit the spot or you have a conversation that changes everything.

Plus, the Full Moon this month also falls in your star sign Scorpio on the 30th, another indication that you’re in the limelight and, in any negotiations or dealings, fortune favours you. You do have to be brave and bold, however, this month to make the most of some dynamic and exciting astrology.

A significant turning point is indicated mid-April, a time when there’s a burst of planetary activity. The day after Mercury switches direction on the 15th, there’s a New Moon in Aries on the 16th, a symbol of new beginnings. This spells good news for work, your health and lifestyle.

Plus, Uranus is involved so what happens may come out of the blue or perhaps it’s via technology that your dreams are answered. For some Scorpio individuals, this may mean a complete change of direction. It could also coincide with the end of a contract or the completion of a job which means you’re free to look elsewhere.

Don’t twiddle your fingers for too long if this is the case, but leap into action on or around the 18th when the Sun and Uranus unite in your work sector.

Plus, you have other people on your side now and, when you team up with the right person, you double your chances of success. Your partner planet, Venus, is strong in Taurus until the 24th. Venus likes Taurus because the planet of relating feels safe and secure in this solid and reliable earth sign.

Look for the person in your life who’s your anchor and helps you feel rooted and strong. Be around other people who encourage you to be all you can be and more. The period from the 7th to the 17th is particularly powerful for your 1-to-1 connections, whether you’re falling in love, starting a joint venture or you need someone to lean on.

Venus and Mars unite on the 11th and Venus and Pluto come together on the 17th. Both dates could be significant for your 1-to-1’s, when together you’re stronger. Relationships are emphasised too after the 20th when the Sun also enters Taurus and your partnership sector.

It is important throughout April that you channel your energy effectively and don’t waste it. Choose carefully which battles you want to fight and where it’s sensible to back off. Invest your time wisely and ensure that you’re fully informed and you do your research before you pitch your ideas or share your voice.

Finally, after the 24th, Venus your partner planet moves into Gemini and your joint finance sector. This is the time to engage with money or work out matters financially. Up until then, money’s not a key factor in what you’re doing or why. Look out for someone who can help you invest or maximise your financial fortunes in the last week of the month.

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