Saturn Truths

11009989_470480799768704_2979446338550677317_nI hope you enjoyed the earlier post about what we were all meant to learn from Saturn’s long stay  in Scorpio, which started back in 2012 and ends this week.

As Saturn ends his long stay in Scorpio, it’s an ideal time to face up to some Saturn truths. This awesome planet has a fearsome reputation, after all!

Astrologer Kelly Surtees put this together for us…

Thinking about Saturn… 

Kelly Surtees writes: Saturn has perhaps the worst rep of any of the planets. But Saturn is misunderstood! Saturn moves into Sadge this month where he will stay until 2017. Make friends with Saturn and you will go a long way!

Saturn is the wise, old planet. Saturn helps us, often more than we realise, but he does so in a slow, steady and planned way, which sometimes doesn’t sit well with our fast, do it now modern mindset.

If you start something under a Saturn transit, you can be pretty sure it will last, as Saturn is associated with legacies, projects and plans that stand the test of time.

That said, Saturn can test you, or create heavy pressure. Part of the purpose of a Saturn transit is to help you learn where you need boundaries. If you have taken on more than you can realistically manage, under Saturn you might realise this and then have to make a hard but clear choice about what commitments and obligations are manageable, and what ones you genuinely need to let go.

Saturn is ultimately about clarity. You see things MUCH more clearly under Saturn. This can help you realise a truth you didn’t see or were willfully ignoring! This clarity can be crystal clear, and it then demands action. Once you know what – or who – you’ve outgrown you can change your actions and behaviour to reflect this new awareness.

You can gain so much that’s good under Saturn, and this happens in part by sorting, sifting and clearing things that are no longer of top quality out of your life. Saturn will bring both endings and beginnings, and will help you reconnect with your strength. Under Saturn you develop a backbone and become more firm – about everything. This includes taking care of yourself, setting limits with work or finances, and sticking to your top priorities and goals. Saturn also helps you make useful transitions that bring you back on track with your authentic path.

Stay tuned for more info tomorrow.

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