Saturn Into Sagittarius

Saturn SagittariusSaturn into Sagittarius – happening very soon!

Saturn will move into Sagittarius tomorrow on Friday 18th September.

I hope you have enjoyed the Saturn into Sagittarius posts over the past two days from my fellow astrologer Kelly Surtees. Below you will find a video with some final general thoughts on this move.

Kelly’s Saturn into Sagittarius eBook “Focus Your Fire” will go on sale later today. Kelly has agreed to offer it to my readers for a special 33% discount for the first 24 hours. So if you buy it on or before Friday, you’ll pay just $10, after which it will be $15.

Either way, I am sure you will agree it’s great value!

See below for the video. It’s a few more thoughts from Kelly, as Saturn goes into Sagittarius – and why doing the right thing will be more important than ever!

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