Saturn In Aquarius: The New Age

Saturn enters Aquarius – March 22, 2020 (03:58 GMT)

This weekend, Saturn changes star sign and moves into Aquarius where it remains until July 1st. It then returns to Capricorn for another six months until December 17, 2020 when Saturn finally takes up residence in Aquarius until March 7, 2023.

It’s always important when Saturn changes star sign but even more so this time around because of what we now know regarding the Saturn/Pluto conjunction of January 12, 2020.

Astrology indicated that 2020 would be a challenging year. The astrological symbolism suggested that the old ways would need to change for a ‘new age’ to emerge. Saturn and Pluto together often coincide with hardship, death and loss. Meeting in Capricorn, this suggested a ‘reset’ around government, leadership, big business, our capitalist society.

The theme was always going to be ‘out with the old and in with the new’ but boy is it turning out to be dramatic. So, what will Saturn’s move into Aquarius bring as it moves between its traditional sign of rulership, Capricorn, into its modern sign of rulership, Aquarius?

Social Distancing

One obvious symbol that fits Saturn in Aquarius is a new term that’s arisen due to the impact of Covid-19 – social distancing. Saturn is the planet that represents limitations, endings and boundaries. Aquarius is one of the social air signs, the star sign associated with society and community.

Our movements within society are being severely restricted. Most people are now experiencing some kind of lockdown situation. The danger is social isolation, another symbol of Saturn in Aquarius.

Last week in the UK there were rumours that elderly people (Saturn rules the old) would need to self-isolate for the next four months. That would coincide with Saturn’s transit through Aquarius until July 1st.

Community, Technology & Online Initiatives

Yet, Saturn’s move into Aquarius is coinciding with other initiatives that are also relevant to Saturn’s change of star sign. Aquarius is a sign that’s structured and organised which is why Saturn likes to be in Aquarius.

We are seeing new systems beginning to emerge in response to the limiting effects of Covid-19. Aquarius is the star sign linked to modern technology, community, new trends and invention. Online businesses are booming and community ventures are beginning to grow as people team up locally to help one another out.

We’re already seeing new systems in the UK. For example, supermarkets are finally getting on board and limiting the amount of goods you can purchase that are in demand. Also, they are prioritising online and offline shopping for the elderly.

There are going to be more plays on television as the theatres close and films are released earlier. Education is going online, auditions are happening by Skype and companies are having to get innovative about how they carry on serving the public. No doubt, you’ve heard of other new initiatives that fit this reorganisation of society.

Saturn’s move into Aquarius is likely to spell good news for advancements in technology, hopefully helping us to find a cure for the virus and create efficient systems for testing for the virus.

Cleaning Up Society/Our Earth

Also, it’s important to point out that Aquarius is a humanitarian star sign. Whereas Capricorn rules the hierarchy and class, Aquarius favours an egalitarian society. We have been living in a world that’s completely out of balance as a tiny percentage of people hold the majority of the money and power.

Things are likely to change as long as we heed the lessons of 2020. And, change will continue once Jupiter joins Saturn in Aquarius in December 2020 and moves through Aquarius in 2021. The Jupiter/Saturn conjunction is the start of a new 20 year chapter.

The other area that could benefit is our earth. Aquarius is an environmental star sign, its zodiac symbol the Water Bearer. We’ve known for years that we’ve been neglecting the earth we live on as climate change gets out of control. Yet, we do relatively little to change the pollution and devastating effects of over-population, manufacturing, consumerism, global travel, etc.

We are already seeing that the lockdown situation is helping to clean up our planet as we are forced not to travel, over-spend or keep on churning out products that destroy our earth.

The asteroid conjoining the Saturn/Pluto conjunction back in January was Ceres, symbolising mother earth, also at 22 degrees Capricorn. We’re getting a forced ‘clean up’ that may never have happened otherwise.

The next 12 weeks will be crucial while Saturn makes its first transit through Aquarius. I think most astrologers would agree that we’re in this crisis situation for the long-haul. It’s up to each and every one of us to take responsibility for our shared society – another key showing of Saturn (responsibility) in Aquarius (society).

Turning Inwards

Finally, I wanted to mention that Saturn is the winter planet in the Northern Hemisphere as it rules Capricorn & Aquarius, the ‘winter’ star signs. Therefore, the transit of Saturn through Aquarius is also about turning inwards. Aquarius wants to be social – Saturn says No!

We can’t go out in the world now but we can tend to our inner selves, keep faithful, stop & retreat. Saturn’s slowing us all down. In meditation, this is the ‘pause’, a time of letting go as you wait for something new to emerge, to come in, to fill the space. It’s a time to wait and be patient.

Personally, I’m meditating once a day & lighting a candle in the evening, a reminder to keep the light strong within. Find your own ways to help you stay calm during the current crisis. This is especially important as Saturn is the planet linked to fear. Limit your time (Saturn) on social media (Aquarius) and keep your coverage of the news to a manageable amount.

Stay well, stay safe, stay sane & stay connected.

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6 thoughts on “Saturn In Aquarius: The New Age”

  1. Thank you for explaining astrologically our current situation with Saturn/Pluto/Mars. Your explanation is a tremendous help. I can now be at ease knowing there is a light at the end of the tunnel. I do still have some concern about the real estate market. My husband and I were in the process putting our current home on the market to move closer to our family. Seems like that will be put on hold for a while. Maybe another subject for discussion. Thank you for your astrological wisdom. Astrology does work!

    1. Thank you Debbie. Yes, I think the property market has got to change this year too – part of the Jupiter/Pluto conjunction pattern most likely as it’s linked to the economy. Again, we may see some shifts when the nodes change signs early May as they move out of Cancer/Capricorn – Cancer being the sign linked to homes – and on the final eclipses in Cancer/Capricorn on June 21st/July 5th. I know many people are having to play a waiting game with accommodation/property matters. Stay safe, stay sane 🙂

  2. Thank you Sally. Still trying to unravel this in my mind and the most bothersome right now, is how people in seem to be polarized on recent events. Over-reacting to the limitations and/or blatantly ignoring the need to change and adapt. But I get the sense that somewhere in all of this Neptune has a strong role – except it’s been opposite my moon for a while, so fog is always hard to pin down 🙂

  3. Lovely summary there Sally.

    I’ve been trying to figure out what happened last time Saturn went through Aquarius which was the years of 1991-92-93. From a British perspective it was relatively quiet other than the UK withdrawing from the ERM.

    On the world stage, there are four significant events I recall:
    – Breakup of the Soviet Union
    – Breakup of former Yugoslavia
    – South Africa repealed apartheid.
    – the Maastricht Treaty was signed in Feb 1992 which led to the EU in Nov 1993.

    Each of those was about making new structures in their societies. SA was particularly about a more egalitarian society for all of its citizens. But also the other two saw an end to the repression of the Communist regimes over their people.

    I do wonder how the EU will fare through its Saturn return. On a wider stage, America has its Pluto return coming up in the next two years. North Korea must be due a Saturn half-return.

    Britain itself will be figuring out how to re-organise after Brexit – could the Union dissolve with Scottish or even Northern Ireland seeking to leave. I don’t have any particular ideas, only that these may be areas to watch.

  4. Martin McGlashing

    Sally you are truly a light in this confusion we call life on earth. Happy Holidays and a prosperous and healthy New Year for you and your family.

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