Saturn Enters Sagittarius

Saturn in SagittariusThis week on Friday 18th September, Saturn leaves Scorpio for a second time in 6 months and moves into Sagittarius, one of the fire signs.

Saturn remains in the sign of the Centaur throughout the rest of 2015 and only leaves this sign/sector of your chart on December 20th 2017.

Saturn has already been in Sagittarius from December 23rd 2014 until June 15th 2015 so think back to this period to see what challenges the taskmaster of the heavens sent your way.

Saturn represents different qualities within astrology and, like all the planets, has both a positive & negative manifestation.

The Principles of Saturn

Saturn can represent the end of time and finality as this was the last of the traditional planets, the boundary between this world and the next. Saturn’s the father, the authority figure which demands responsibility and respect. It can stop you in your tracks via obstacles, limitations, people saying No, fear or doubt.

Yet it’s also commitment, perseverance and seeing things through to the end. You’re asked to consider the long-term future and work steadily towards your goals. It pushes you ever onwards to achieve your desired results. Saturn’s helpful when you need a reality check, to be brought back down-to-earth, to get a sensible and realistic response.

Saturn in Sagittarius Themes

This is an easier energy than Saturn in Scorpio as mutable fire (Sagittarius) is very different to fixed water (Scorpio). In Sagittarius, there’s a chance to negotiate and appeal to Saturn’s side of authority that loves truth and justice, Sagittarius themes.

Saturn adds commitment to your quest and Sagittarius wants to travel, learn, explore, see the world and save the world. Saturn can ground Sagittarius’ wanderlust nature and ensure that you see things through whether you’re planning a sabbatical, a world trip or you want to enter politics, a religious order, become a published author or a legal expert.

How To Handle Saturn in Sagittarius

Sagittarius rules all these areas of life but remember too that whatever you begin will entail hard work and your nose will be kept to the grindstone as Saturn demands results. Plus some goals will come to a timely end and however hard you push you can’t always expect to win when you’re up against this mighty planet’s formidable strength.

Saturn lays down the law so some major organisations will have to pull up their socks or get caught out. It could be a tough few years for politics, religion, publishing, the travel industry, universities and the Law. Expect new rules and regulations and some major re-structuring.

Saturn remains in Sagittarius until late 2017 so perfect timing if you’re embarking on a two year college course or career project. Gaining new qualifications is perfect for Saturn’s ‘head down, bum up’ mentality.

What Saturn Means for You

Here are your individual star signs revealing which specific areas of life you can expect challenges but also where you can harness Saturn’s relentless determination:

Aries – travel, study & life philosophy

Taurus – shared finances, taboo subjects

Gemini – love & relationships, personal & professional

Cancer – job, lifestyle & health

Leo – fun i.e. kids, love, creative project, luck

Virgo – home & family, your past

Libra – communication & local community

Scorpio – money & values

Sagittarius – personal goals & self image

Capricorn – research & inner life

Aquarius – friends & wider society

Pisces – career & status

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