Sagittarius Your Year Ahead 2016

Sagittarius, 2016Miley Cyrus Sun Sagittarius (b. November 23 1992)

child star in Hannah Montana, pop artist known for her controversial performances 

gained the nickname Smiley as a child thanks to her sunny disposition

Sagittarius 2016 – Summary (see Special Offer below on how to purchase your in-depth annual horoscope).

To say this is a big year is something of an understatement as Saturn and Jupiter work together to empower you and move you up the next rung of your career ladder.

You can combine hope and reality successfully in order to give birth to your ambitions and goals.

There will be times when it feels relentless marching forward and taking on ever bigger responsibilities and other times you’re stopped in your tracks when you realise that one specific goal has reached a dead end.

Learn to play by the rules and focus on the bigger picture and your long-term future. You’ll understand this year what commitment means as you’re determined to pursue a path that leads to financial security and work satisfaction.

Emotionally you’re attached to the past and the ones you love and you’re willing to sacrifice both your time and energy to be there for others. Stepping into a caring role is fulfilling but tiring too.

Pace yourself accordingly and don’t forget to have fun and express who you are. Your friendships flourish in the last quarter of the year and it’s your turn to gain the support and help you need.

When it comes to love, you might not be ready to commit yourself but instead you’re happy to keep love light and enjoy moments of togetherness when you can.

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