Sagittarius Your Year Ahead 2015

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“A pessimist sees the difficulty in every opportunity; an optimist sees the opportunity in every difficulty”

Winston Churchill, former Prime Minister, Sun Sagittarius (b. November 30 1874)


Sagittarius 2015 Year Ahead Summary

The fire signs, Aries, Leo and your sign of Sagittarius, are blazing bright throughout 2015 and the more you tap into your enthusiasm and lust for life, the happier you are. The first half of the year is stunning for adventure, new life experiences and having fun.

Yet Saturn in Sagittarius is preparing the groundwork for the next stage and whatever your chosen goal in life, you’re ready and primed to take a big step up the career ladder. A period of hard work is on the cards especially from mid-year onwards and your attitude towards responsibility and status is being challenged. If you want to play big in life, you’re being asked to show your mettle and prove your commitment.

See these new goals as a work in progress whether you’re ready to settle down, plan for your long-term future or create a safe base for you and your family. Ideally you need to balance security and success with a certain amount of wiggle room so you still feel as if you’re in flow and not rooted in one place.

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