Sagittarius October 2018

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Sagittarius (23 November – 21 December)

You need to balance the different strands of your life carefully this month. Since October 2017, your ruling planet Jupiter has been in Scorpio and the most hidden sector of your horoscope. This is about your inner world and being able to retreat from life when things become hectic or stressful.

It also suggests that you benefit from learning about yourself on a deep level. Scorpio is one of the emotional water signs and this year may be about healing what took place in previous years when Saturn was in Scorpio and then your own star sign, Sagittarius.

Scorpio is the star sign linked to psychoanalysis, mysteries, the underworld and the life beyond the veil. You might be exploring the metaphysical realm, be talking to spirits or be on a psychic or spiritual path. This theme continues throughout October and, if anything, intensifies because the personal planets are starting to move into Scorpio and join your ruler, Jupiter.

Talk planet Mercury is in Scorpio from the 10th to the 31st and there’s a key date on the 29th when Mercury and Jupiter unite in Scorpio. This is a significant planetary aspect for you because Jupiter has been relatively quiet since mid-September and, on November 8th, Jupiter leaves Scorpio and enters your star sign, Sagittarius.

Therefore, it’s important to ask what significant conversation needs to take place or perhaps you hear a voice bringing good news, enlightenment or a sense of relief. 

Also, Mercury and Jupiter are both planets linked to education so you might hear about a test or exam on or close to the 29th. There’s a karmic feel to this combination, the sense that you reap what you sow. Listen out for a link to the past, something that puts your mind at rest or brings resolution.

When planets are in Scorpio, you know this is a key period of preparation, whether you’re decluttering or clearing things out, on an external or internal level. You may be deeply involved in research or reading this month, eager to improve your knowledge or education.

This fits with Mars’ transit through Aquarius, the action planet moving through the part of your horoscope linked to communication but also schools and tuition. This is great for using your connections to boost your life, either professionally or socially.

Spread the word whatever you’re involved in as Mars is finally making steady progress after being retrograde or on go slow during July and August. With Mars in Aquarius, this is an excellent month to catch up with siblings and relatives or get together with your neighbours. There’s a community vibe to this planetary combination.

Friends too are part of the picture, as both the Sun and talk planet Mercury are in Libra as October begins. The Sun remains here until the 23rd and Mercury until the 10th. Libra rules friends and group activities in your horoscope. Work alongside other people or arrange some fun times and social get-togethers. 

The New Moon takes place in Libra on the 9th, a symbol of new beginnings. This is an excellent date to reach out and connect with others and widen your social circle.

There is one proviso, however, because Pluto is square to the New Moon and clashes with Mercury on the 3rd and the Sun on the 12th. Pluto is in Capricorn and your personal money sector and it’s important not to over-extend yourself financially early in October.

This is particularly important with regard to friends or a group, club or society in which you’re involved. If someone wants your help or support, offer it emotionally but not financially with Pluto in on the action. Pluto’s style tends to be a bottomless pit.

The other major astrology this month involves Venus, the planet of love and relating. Venus is in Scorpio and, on the 5th, Venus turns retrograde and remains on go slow until November 15th.

This is a secretive, seductive Venus and in the most hidden part of your horoscope, you can’t count out an affair or illicit passion. Venus is going deep into the underworld and isn’t scared of plumbing life to the depths. 

This would be an excellent month to learn more about yourself with regard to relationships, if you’re not involved in steamy goings-on. Scorpio is a deeply analytical star sign, so you could become interested in tantric sex or feel the urge to examine your hidden motivations more closely.

Here too, there’s a feel of karma as if you need to lay some ghosts to rest. Scorpio isn’t only linked to sex and sexuality, but also money, power and taboo topics. Use your Jupiter drive for truth and justice to put right any wrongdoings or expose corruption. This would be a worthy way of using Venus’ journey through Scorpio and the underworld.

The Full Moon on the 24th is key in this respect as it cuts across the Scorpio/Taurus axis of the zodiac. Venus is pulled in as is unpredictable Uranus in Taurus. This is a lively combination which could bring surprise twists and turns.

Ensure you stick rigidly to the path of truth during the end of the month, as events can quickly unravel. The Full Moon always shines a light in the dark areas and this month especially so. What is revealed may be the catalyst for you leaving a job or perhaps there’s controversy around your work or what you do for a living.

Keep a close eye on your health during the Full Moon and veer away from any situation that causes too much stress. Read the signs to ensure you take care of you.

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