Sagittarius October 2017

Sagittarius, autumn light

Sagittarius (23 November – 21 December)

The big news this month is Jupiter’s move into Scorpio. Jupiter is your ruling planet, so it’s always a big deal for you when it changes sign.

The planet of opportunity and good fortune, Jupiter represents expansion and luck and it spends one year in each sign of the zodiac. On the 10th of this month, Jupiter leaves the air sign Libra and enters the water sign Scorpio where it remains until November 2018.

Scorpio is the sign before Sagittarius in the zodiac so this represents a hidden sector of your chart. Sometimes this can be an important period of preparation, and you might be studying or researching ready for a new project or chapter in a year’s time.

The focus is on inner work rather than being out in the world. It can be a major year of self-transformation when you have Jupiter in Scorpio. In addition, Scorpio is the sign most closely linked to healing.

This is interesting for you because you’ve had the taskmaster of the heavens, Saturn in your sign of Sagittarius since late 2014. This can be a tough transit for you, in that it coincides with hardship, grief or loss.

Saturn leaves your sign of Sagittarius at the end of the year, so hopefully you can feel a shift already if it’s not been an easy few years for you. Jupiter’s arrival signals the beginning of a key period of healing in your life.

This can be an emotional experience for you, because Scorpio is a water sign and water signs rule the emotional and instinctual realm. Trust your intuition in knowing when to stay and when to go, what to leave behind and what to embrace in your life. Follow your natural instincts.

Find more time to be by yourself too, and learn to enjoy the benefits of solitude. You might be ready to find some quiet in your life after a hectic few years. There are gifts to be found with Jupiter in Scorpio, hidden riches, but you need to stop and listen.

Do whatever’s right for you to gain insight and understanding into who you are. Take time to reassess your life, what’s important and what next. This is the time to seek inspiration on a spiritual level, to go beyond the ego and your everyday routine to find your muse, your touchstone.

If you’re seeking peace, allow yourself to be drawn towards places and activities that calm you with their beauty and softness.

Notice in particular what happens or what you’re drawn towards close to the 18th and 26th of the month. This is when communication planet Mercury and the Sun team up with Jupiter as they move into Scorpio on the 17th and 23rd respectively.

The 18th and 26th promise to be two of the luckiest dates in the year for you, whether you hear good news, you gain important insight or you feel as if you’re in flow with life.

There is still plenty going on in other areas so it’s not all bliss and transcendence this month. Career matters require your attention early in the month as Venus (relating) and Mars (action) are in Virgo and your career and vocation sector until the 14th and 22nd respectively.

Plus, these two planets come together in the zodiac on the 5th for the only time this year. So look out for someone who’s on your side or somebody in a position of influence who can help you. You might be able to wrap up a project on or near this date or finally know where you stand.

There’s also a Full Moon on the 5th and this is often a time when you see your situation clearly or matters come to completion. This Full Moon picks up the social axis of your zodiac.

The first few days of October are promising for money matters and this is the time to push ahead if you want to go for promotion or you’re chasing money that you’re owed.

Saturn in your sign squares both Venus and Mars from the 8th to the 11th and this could be a testing few days for you. It might be that what you discover or hear earlier in the month means the end of a contract or work chapter in your life. Certainly, it seems to indicate either a disappointment or a time for you to pull back for some other reason.

Friends and groups play a key role in your life this month too as there are a lot of planets in the air sign Libra. The Sun and Mercury are both here as October begins so widen your social circle and work your connections.

It’s not the smoothest of months however for friendships and your participation in groups, clubs or societies. You might find yourself up against opposition or fall out with someone in a big way. One of the trickiest periods is the 9th & 10th when Pluto clashes with the Sun and Mercury.

This flags up an issue around money and it’s important that you stand your ground and don’t let anyone try and blackmail you or force you to pay money if you can’t afford to.

The next lively period for you is from the 15th to the 19th as this is when the Sun and Mercury are opposed by unpredictable Uranus. Plus there’s a New Moon in Libra on the 19th, traditionally a symbol for new beginnings.

So expect more disruption than usual during this period and try and rein in your own impulsive nature. It won’t take much to get into an argument or disagreement during these few days.

What does help is the fact that sweet Venus enters Libra on the 14th smoothing any ruffled feathers and action planet Mars also enters Libra on the 22nd. So friendships and your role within a group or social or political association remain pivotal for you until the last month of the year.

Try and rise above any petty behaviour and be philosophical about what’s taking place. It might be up to you to step into a new role of leadership or be the one to keep the peace.

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