Sagittarius Monthly Stars October 2012

Sagittarius MandalaMars, the planet of action and daring, bursts into your sign of Sagittarius on the 7th where it remains until mid-November. This is your cue to pick up the pace, act fast and make things happen. It’s an exciting energy and the focus is on you and your personal goals and ambitions. It’s motivating and if you want an action-packed lifestyle, here’s your chance.

Venus backs up Mars in many respects this month, as Venus, the planet of relating, is up at the top of your chart from the 3rd-28th. This is about making your mark, schmoozing influential types and ensuring you look good at work so you stand out and get noticed. A female boss may play a key role in your development, not only professionally but personally as well.

This month, there’s a strong emphasis on your previous sign of Scorpio. Scorpio’s hidden away in your chart and often when you find planets here, you benefit from more quiet time than usual, whether for reflection, contemplation or simply to relax. It’s about taking care of yourself on a deep and inner level.

On the 5th, Mercury, planet of communication, moves into Scorpio as does Saturn, the taskmaster of the heavens, for a longer stay. Mercury in Scorpio suggests psychotherapy, self analysis and exploring matters on a subconscious or inner level. It’s a great month to get to know yourself and learn some tricks from masters of the mind or New Age gurus. Learn about NLP (neuro linguistic programming), learn how to control your mind or how to use hypnotherapy to great effect. This benefits your work and what you learn from your work benefits you on a personal level too.

These two areas of your life overlap and the 16th and 25th are key dates. This is when an important conversation or learning is a potential light bulb moment, when enlightenment strikes and reveals a greater understanding. Knowledge, both inner and outer, plays an important role in your success.

Saturn is about committing to an ongoing project as well, starting a discipline that supports you and sticking to it on a regular basis. This may be meditation, journalling, a daily walk or anything that’s supportive to your well-being. In some respects, Saturn is a welcome antidote to Mars’ rushing around and tons of action. Saturn is slow and steady and is the tortoise to Mars’ hare. For some, this is the beginning of an important couple of years of inner progress.

One of the main challenges with change is that it requires your partner or your family to keep up with you and that’s not always easy. As you change and see life in a different way, it can be unsettling for loved ones, so do bear this in mind if you feel that your life’s progressing quickly. If you become interested in alternative ways of being and living and that doesn’t sit comfortably with your other half or people close to you, be aware of this and try to see things from their point of view.

Relationships are powerful now as Jupiter your ruling planet is in your opposite sign and there’s the potential for growth on both sides as long as you are able to stand in the other person’s shoes and listen to their side of things. Look out too this month for a powerful teacher who will guide you and accelerate your own learning.

Finally, let’s not forget that if you’re a typical Sagittarius, you enjoy exploring life in many different ways and that includes having a good time. The hedonistic side of your personality will be in full swing with Mars in your sign and the 9th and 15th look especially sociable. Reconnect with new and old friends alike this month and enjoy yourself to the full.

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