Sagittarius Monthly Stars November 2014

Sagittarius Zodiac StampSagittarius (22 November – 21 December)

November could begin with you feeling as if life is hard more than it’s easy and you’re getting ready to shed something that’s way past it’s sell by date.

A lot of this month involves dealing with your inner world and confronting the dark as well as the light.

It is important to ensure you keep a healthy balance between difficulty and ease and actively build factors into your everyday life that are supportive and helpful.

For example, Mercury is in Libra and one of the most sociable sectors of your chart up until the 8th. Make time for your friends and ensure that you have people in your life who can support you but also make you laugh and take you out so you can have some fun.

The main focus in November however is on the sign of Scorpio which is hidden away in your chart as it’s the sign before your own. This focuses on secrets, private matters, confidences. It represents the things in life you deal with that are difficult and testing whether this is to do with your well-being or your self-confidence.

The planet that’s spent a long time in this sector of your chart is Saturn, the taskmaster of the heavens, as it’s been in Scorpio since late 2012. At the end of the year, Saturn moves on and leaves behind Scorpio and enters your own sign of Sagittarius. This major planetary event takes place on December 23rd but before then Saturn’s putting on the pressure and this month is the beginning of the end.

It may be helpful to think back to October and what you were dealing with last month. Mercury turned retrograde in Scorpio on October 4th and a few weeks later there was a powerful Solar or New Moon eclipse in Scorpio on October 23rd. Both these events will have been revealing and something that was submerged or hidden came to the fore.

You now have a chance to deal with this private matter and the 6th-10th is prime time to act. This is because there’s a Full Moon cutting across the Scorpio/Taurus sector of your chart on the 6th and on the 10th Mercury returns to the place it was in the heavens where it turned retrograde one month before.

The Full Moon is a bright energy and it can bring clarity to your situation. Emotions are heightened but you have all the information you need to make a decision. This may link to your work, your lifestyle or your health and Mercury’s addition means it’s time to act, to pick up the phone, to find out more and to initiate that all-important conversation.

You may be talking to a medical practitioner, a healer, a therapist; you may want to boost your energy levels, your health or your self-confidence. You may feel strongly or passionately about something in your life that you can’t keep hidden for one moment longer. You may be in love with someone but haven’t revealed your true feelings. You may be ready to let go of a resentment or bitterness. You may be willing to put negative thoughts behind you and move on.

It depends totally on your personal situation but as the month progresses and Saturn ups the ante, you know there’s something that can’t be avoided. Saturn makes close conjunctions to Venus (love) on the 13th, the Sun (self) on the 18th and Mercury (communication) on the 26th. This is about bringing a personal matter to a conclusion and considering what you’re ready to let go of and move on from. It may not be easy but life will repeatedly remind you until you take action.

You will find that once you do that difficult task and relegate someone or something to the past that life starts to look up and your vitality and confidence return. You may notice a difference in your attitude to money and be ready to go all out to achieve the salary you want and deserve. You may notice you’re more assertive about your money rights and you won’t put up with shoddy behaviour or people expecting you to bail them out.

The peak period for money matters is the 10th-13th when Mars strong and powerful in your money sector clashes with the Uranus-Pluto square one more time. This is old news, a repeat issue and another chance to say No and to do things differently. Identify a way you can stop your money disappearing down a black hole and adopt a fresh new attitude to wealth, abundance and shopping.

Plus the personal planets start to move into your sign of Sagittarius from mid-month onwards and another indicator that closing a door and letting go of something that’s become a drag is the way forward. The love planet Venus enters Sagittarius on the 16th followed by the Sun on the 22nd and Mercury on the 28th.

This is brilliant for flirting, socialising, confidence-boosting activities and generally having a good time. If you’re looking for love, here it comes. The New Moon on the 22nd and the Venus-Uranus trine on the 27th are especially promising.

The shift of focus from Scorpio to Sagittarius reminds you to partake in life and to be pro-active and positive about your self and your future. The time for hiding is almost over and any burden you’ve carried for some time is almost past. It’s not always going to be the easiest of months but play your cards right and by the end of November you will feel as if a weight has shifted from your shoulders. You’re leaving the dark behind and heading into the light.

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