Sagittarius Monthly Stars November 2012

Sagittarius Oil PaintingSagittarius (22 November-21 December)

As November gets underway you may feel the need to rush through life and make things happen fast. Mars, the action planet, is in your sign of Sagittarius until the 17th and Mercury, planet of communication, is also in your own sign. So the focus is on you and your personal goals and ambitions.

However, even though Mars, the planet of libido and energy, is charging forward on full throttle, Mercury is actually slowing down in the heavens and on the 6th, Mercury turns retrograde in your sign.

This is a sign for you to slow things down, to look before you leap and to think things through. Even more important, it’s worth bearing in mind whether you can actually put a key decision on hold until later in the month.

The problem with Mercury retrograde is that new information often comes to light when Mercury turns around again in the heavens and this takes place on the 26th. So anything that is started throughout the month or agreed upon may change or differ anyway when Mercury turns direct and you discover more about your situation. This is why it’s often said that it’s not a good time to sign or seal a deal when Mercury’s on go slow as you may find something better further down the line or realise that any decision you make has strings attached.

Mercury also retrogrades back into the sign before yours, Scorpio on the 14th and won’t return to Sagittarius until 11th December. So this really is a double whammy of astrology suggesting you take things slowly and trust that life will point you in the right direction, but all in good time.

Throughout the month, four planets are in Scorpio and the hidden sector of your chart, the Sun (self), Mercury (communication), Venus (love) and Saturn (discipline/responsibility). This turns your attention inward more than usual and even though you are often an extrovert type focused on external events, there’s a real shift taking place. You may find that you start a new discipline or habit now that will continue until 2015. Saturn in Scorpio suggests solitude, slowing down, turning inward and it is the planet of moderation. You may want to develop a meditative or relaxation habit or explore an alternative therapy that focuses on healing. Scorpio also rules secrets and the power of the mind.

Sometimes the most powerful learning comes via difficult experiences or responding to other peoples’ suffering. Your desire for justice and the truth may play an important role in leading you down a more charitable, philanthropic or socially responsible path. It’s a journey that’s just beginning. Take note of what happens on or around the 13th when there’s an eclipse in Scorpio and this confirms the theme of something hidden that comes to light.

Other people are closely connected to what’s happening in the heavens for you this month. Mercury is your partner planet and is unusually slow, i.e. it makes hardly any connections with the other planets as it moves through its retrograde period. It does, however, make three square aspects to Neptune down at the bottom of your chart ruling your home and family.

The first was on 29th October, the second is on 14th November and the third is on the 11th December. Neptune blurs or clouds your vision and it’s hard to see things for what they really are when Neptune squares Mercury. It’s more likely to create a misunderstanding so where close relationships are concerned it’s wise to go with the flow and feel your way forward. This is not a period of clarity or dazzling insight but something powerful and important is taking place on a deeper level.

The end of the month is potentially dramatic with an eclipse cutting across the Gemini/Sagittarius axis of your chart on the 28th. What takes place on or around this date may reveal something new about a key relationship and helps you decide what next. However it’s mid-December onwards that brings significant development with regard to love and relationships and a sense of renewal.

Until then, turn to your girlfriends for love and support, especially on the 9th and stay positive as best you can and trust that life sometimes has bigger plans for you. Wherever in your life you feel that you’re in the dark, there is light at the end of the tunnel and next month will bring greater understanding and love your way.

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7 thoughts on “Sagittarius Monthly Stars November 2012”

  1. Thanks Sally, I always appreciate gettign a feel and insight into what lays ahead. Yes, definitely sense a sense of slowing down, pausing and need for quiet nights in. It feels like love is in the air and that would be a great way to end the year…here’s hoping.

    1. Thank you for your comment, Ntathu. It’s always lovely to hear from you. Wishing you a peaceful & insightful month ahead…

  2. thx Sally. I look forward to your blogs and monthly horoscopes each week/month. this sag (12/16) has been feeling down and out for quite some time. the beginning of the month was really rough. I feel thar my life – career and love – is stagnant and im at wits end on what to do with myself. its been two years of struggle (lost job in 2011). I am just ready for some positive transition. looks like it may be on the way per this horoscope. thx again!

    1. Thank you for your kind comment and I’m sorry to hear things have been tough. Eclipse season can be testing plus Saturn’s move into Scorpio has been hard work for some. The good news is that the Sun moves into Sagittarius today and will be joined by Mercury (communication) and Venus (love) in December, which feels lighter and more enjoyable. I think the next week will still be rocky but once next week’s eclipse is done and dusted (on 28th Nov), the way ahead should feel clearer. Sending you best wishes, Sally

  3. Sally what a kind and generous person you are. Creating all those personal horoscopes to help others. I am firm believer in saying ‘thank you’ when it is deserved. I am sending you a big bowl of Poinsettias just fantasy ones but I am sure you can imagine them they are Saggies special flower. Every good wish to you my dear for 2014.

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