Sagittarius Monthly Stars May 2015

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The pressure is on as May begins with two key planets in the earth sign Taurus. Mars, the action planet, remains in Taurus until the 12th and this is often a busy period for you.

Taurus rules work, your everyday routine, your lifestyle and health. It’s these areas of your life which might feel relentless, whether you’re implementing new habits, working to a tight deadline or you’re focused on finding new work.

The other planetary body in Taurus is the Sun which remains here until the 21st. This is a lighter energy than Mars and helps you create a plan or schedule that works for you. Both lunations, the Full Moon and the New Moon, highlight the same areas of your life. The Moon illuminates, it’s reflective and you can use the Moon to move your life forward, to make decisions.

The Full Moon takes place in the early hours of the 4th and its influence can be felt the previous weekend. In the UK, this is a Bank Holiday weekend and it’s an ideal time to kick back, slow down and allow yourself time and space to consider the bigger picture. This Full Moon cuts across the Taurus-Scorpio axis of your chart so this is the perfect opportunity to consider how you spend your time, whether you build relaxation into a busy schedule or you could use your time more effectively.

Your ruling planet Jupiter is also active during the Full Moon. Jupiter is currently in your fellow fire sign of Leo, ruling the sector of your chart that represents travel, education, adventure and new experiences. This is another indication that when you take yourself out of your normal routine, do something different and change your perspective, insights and self-awareness flood in.

You’re at your best when you have a clear vision of your future, you understand the deeper purpose behind your actions and you don’t feel bogged down by everyday matters. Follow your instincts and let the Full Moon guide you. Shift your routine, your daily schedule so it works for you rather than against you.

The New Moon in Taurus takes place on the 18th and this is another important date for your work, lifestyle and health. New Moons symbolise new beginnings and the chance to make a fresh start. Here is your opportunity to implement new daily habits which boost your vitality and keep you on track with your wider goals.

The big news this month, however, is relationships. Your partner planet is Mercury, the planet of communication, and on the 1st, Mercury enters your opposite sign of Gemini where it remains until July 8th. Gemini not only rules your personal relationships but also your working partnerships and all important one-to-one negotiations. The next couple of months are super important for all matters connected to relating and partnership.

The big news with regard to Mercury is the fact that on the 19th, Mercury turns retrograde. Mercury will then be on go slow in your relationship sector until June 11th. This is bound to bring some kind of communication chaos whether it’s a misunderstanding, someone who’s not talking to you or you simply find it tricky, if not impossible, to get on with someone close to you.

It basically ups the ante when it comes to relating and there will be a lot of important lessons to learn this month and next. When Mercury is retrograde, you’re wise not to make any major decisions but instead to take your time, reflect on your situation and try and understand your self and others on a deeper, inner level.

There is also another factor in play and this is Saturn in your sign of Sagittarius. Saturn is renowned as the taskmaster of the heavens. He slows you down and sometimes stops you in your tracks. You can learn a lot with Saturn in your sign but the lessons you learn aren’t always easy.

Saturn is a major player this month as two more planets enter your opposite sign of Gemini, Mars, the action planet, on the 12th and the Sun on the 21st. Including Mercury, all three planets will be opposed by Saturn; Mercury on the 3rd, Mars on the 15th and the Sun on the 23rd. Saturn exposes your limitations, it puts obstacles in your path, it asks how you’re going to overcome the challenges in front of you. On a very basic level, Saturn asks you whether you’re going to commit or quit.

This really is a month when you need to get to grips with your relationships. If one partnership in particular spells hard work, you might have your work cut out trying to work together, live together or play together nicely. Your natural optimism will help and your ability to remain philosophical, and to see the bigger picture.

For some, this is a month when you’re working out the nuts and bolts of how you move a relationship or partnership onto the next stage. It’s not straightforward and there are teething problems but if you take your time, you can achieve your desired results. Yet in a similar vein you might decide that one partnership has worked itself out and there is no option but to end it and move on. If this is the case, bear in mind this month’s astrology. The time to make big decisions about love, relationships, a work partnership is from mid June onwards.

Neptune is also in play this month. Neptune is in Pisces, the sign at the bottom of your chart, ruling your home and family, your past and where you come from. There may be a subtle influence from your family which affects your own decision about a relationship. If you’re closely tied to your family either emotionally or financially, this too will affect how you feel.

Venus, the planet of love and money, enters Cancer on the 7th and on the 16th Venus and Neptune come together in a glorious trine aspect. This offers you security and indicates a close link between your home or family and your financial connections. You can make money now via your home or via your family.

Finally, watch out for a blind spot around money. This is likely to emerge between the 21st and the 25th of the month. You could have a difficult choice to make with regard to spending money and funding a holiday or course. Consider your own situation carefully before you leap in.

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    1. Thank you for your comment. I hope things are going well for you. June will be the month when plans made now are likely to come to fruition. Sending best wishes, Sally

  1. Thanks Sally. I will keep you posted. I am awaiting a callback from an awesome career opportunity I had on Friday. Surprisingly the company has been moving fast to make hires, although its retrograde when communications are known to slow down. I know its said not to sign contracts and take new jobs during the retrograde unless its an opportunity from someone you dealt with in the past. So im keeping my fingers crossed that the call will come next week, but I wont have to sign until after June 11th 😉

    1. Good news. I always try to push things through a few days before Mercury turns direct. Plus there’s a powerful Full Moon on June 2nd cutting across the Sagittarius/Gemini axis which helps you see your situation clearly. Trust your intuition then. If you can wait to sign, do; if you have to before June 11th, go for it, just keep an eye on the details. Good luck! best, Sally

  2. Oh awesome news about being able to push through before its direct. Thanks for the info. I cant wait to see the June 2015 forecast. Thanks for all you do.

  3. indeed so true . In less than a week , I have 4 offers 3 has good benefits . I will wait for next week though. Choosing for the best! God is so good!

  4. indeed so true . In less than a week , I have 4 offers 3 has good benefits . I will wait for next week though. Choosing for the best! God is so good!

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