Sagittarius Monthly Stars May 2013

Sagittarius KitschensyngkSagittarius (22 November-21 December)

As the month begins, there are four personal planets in Taurus, the sign that rules everyday work, routine and health in your chart. This is where the work’s at but even though you may have to knuckle down to get things done, there’s a good chance of being productive and make progress.

Taurus is one of the earth signs and this favours being in a routine or job for the long haul. Keep doing what you’re doing day in, day out and you’re going to see results. This applies to health and fitness as much as it does to changing a habit or working towards an end goal.

Saturn remains in Scorpio, the sign before yours in the zodiac, and the hidden sector of your chart. When it comes to health, the mind-body-spirit connection is as important as physical fitness and when it comes to work, what’s going on behind the scenes is the key to your success.

Saturn in this sector of your chart may slow you down for one reason or another and if this is the case for you, try and work with Saturn rather than against it. Take your time and do things slowly; don’t sweat the small stuff and take good self care. The key to your well-being lies in paying attention to your thoughts, feelings and even your dreams. This is the realm of the subconscious that’s asking to be heard.

For some, there is a strong possibility that work and money matters are going to turn significantly for you and there are a couple of reasons for this. Firstly, Pluto, the planet of hidden riches is in Capricorn and your money sector and even though Saturn opposes the Taurus planets, Pluto trines them, i.e. works with them in an easy aspect. There’s a transformational quality to Pluto aspects and a chance to turn things around for the better.

Secondly, there’s a solar or New Moon eclipse in Taurus on the 10th. Now eclipses can indicate an ending, i.e. something in your life is ‘eclipsed’ but often this is preparing the ground for change and solar eclipses are about new beginnings and renewal. You let go and move on from what’s not working in order to make room for something new to come into your life.

Translate this into work and money matters and you can see that for some it can be an exciting time for making a fresh start. Sometimes there’s also an opportunity to take advantage of another person’s loss as eclipses often represent triangle situations; one person wins and another person loses so position yourself strategically in order to be on the winning team.

The other big news this month is love and romance and for some this is going to be one of the best months this year. Venus, planet of love, moves into Gemini and your relationship sector on the 9th followed by Mercury on the 15th and the Sun on the 20th. Venus and Mercury are the important planets for you as Venus rules love and Mercury is your partner planet. These two are a double act throughout the month of May and what one does, the other isn’t far behind. Together they’re sociable, lively and fun.

If you’re looking for love sit up and take notice on the 18th and 21st when first Venus and then Mercury team up with impulsive Uranus in Aries and your romance sector. This is a double whammy of romantic vibes so why not make the most of it and ask someone out on a date.

The real excitement, however, comes on the 27th/28th when first Mercury and then Venus team up with your ruling planet Jupiter. This feels totally celebratory and for some it means a proposal of marriage or falling head over heels in love again or for the first time. Jupiter has been in Gemini and your opposite sign since June 2012 and at the end of next month Jupiter moves on. This is the grand finale and Jupiter’s left the best till last.

There is also a lunar or Full Moon eclipse towards the end of the month on the 25th cutting across the Gemini/Sagittarius axis and again this feels powerful. The Full Moon is square to Neptune so you may find that your family or the past are somehow involved. This is the last eclipse in an eclipse cycle that began in December 2010 so it symbolises the end of a chapter in your life and a chance to say goodbye and close a door on the past.

As this eclipse falls close to the gorgeous trio of planets in Gemini, this may prove to be a powerful turning point. Venus, Mercury and Jupiter will all be visible in the night sky so track them down and when you see the trio together make a wish. There’s magic in the air as May comes to a close.

If love’s not your thing then it may be another significant player in your life whose influence sets you on a new path. Gemini rules all key one-on-ones so ensure you think outside of the box to make the most of this unique time.

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