Sagittarius Monthly Stars March 2015

bunny ride on a carouselSagittarius (22 November – 21 December)

The month of March starts with a bang as we immediately head for a stunning Jupiter-Uranus trine aspect in the heavens on March 3rd.

This is the second of three trine aspects between your ruling planet, Jupiter, and Uranus, the planet of unpredictability. The first aspect took place on September 25th 2014 and the third aspect will take place on June 22nd 2015. This is the middle one.

This is a glorious trine aspect for a couple of reasons. Firstly, both planets are in fire signs, Aries and Leo, and Sagittarius is the third fire sign so these two planets are creating a Grand Fire Trine with your own sign in the heavens.

Fire signs are spontaneous, motivational, enthusiastic and full of fun and get-up-and-go. Secondly, in mythology Jupiter and Uranus were the sky Gods so this symbolism represents breaking free, taking risks, adventure and excitement.

This planetary combination is Fun with a capital F. Your planet Jupiter is in Leo and the sector of your chart that rules expansion, travel, broadening your horizons, knowledge, publishing, the Law and Uranus is in Aries which rules love affairs, children & babies, creative projects, entertainment and luck. This is a ‘seize the day’ pairing, an opportunity to do more of what you love and to say Yes to life.

Look out for an opportunity that you weren’t expecting and be prepared to act fast and go off piste to follow up on a synchronicity or lucky encounter that you weren’t expecting. A last-minute trip away, a workshop or talk, an invitation to a big event; whatever it is that comes your way, be bold and go beyond your comfort zone. This is such a gorgeous aspect that good things are almost guaranteed to come from it as the energy feels positive and hopeful.

The one grey area amidst all of this is Pluto because this month we experience the 7th and final Uranus-Pluto square on March 17th. These two mighty Titans first clashed in June 2012 and you might have felt their influence a few years previously. As stated Uranus rules new love, children, creativity and entertainment and Pluto is in Capricorn and the sector of your chart that rules money, personal possessions and all that you value.

You might already know how this pairing has played out in your own life especially when you recognise that it’s not an easy or harmonious energy. Some possibilities are money spent on IVF or an adoption, funding a child who’s grown up, spending a lot of money on a hobby or leisure activity, a love affair that costs you, etc. Look at the symbolism and consider your own personal situation.

The key with the Uranus-Pluto symbolism is to think ‘out with the old and in with the new’ and on some level it’s futile to resist change. You have to let go of what’s old and outdated and you have to focus on the future, new trends. If you’re going to work with this energy and not let it defeat you, reinvent yourself. Let go of a fight over money, stop handing over money into a bottomless pit, etc.

Put down some firm boundaries, resolve to learn from your mistakes and move on. The Sun enters Aries on the 20th, the day of the equinox, and five days later on the 25th teams up with Saturn in your sign of Sagittarius. Here’s your chance to draw a line and stick to it, to commit to a new way of doing things, to set boundaries in place that support you and what you want to do in life.

This month is the final shout out of the Uranus-Pluto square so money issues might crop up again but this is the end of it, a chance to do things differently. Plus Venus and Mars, the relationship planets, are both in Aries so you have support, there are other people involved and this can help you out big time.

Venus remains in Aries until the 17th and Mars until the 31st which tells you that this is a hot and happening month for love. If you’re looking for love, forget the past, kick an ex into touch and seek out someone new, a foreigner or someone you meet on a course. Refresh, reinvent, rework. Watch out for a love affair that spells danger but is irresistible.

Most importantly now, you have Jupiter, your ruling planet, in action which means luck is on your side. Where in life are you going to break free or break through? Here’s your opportunity.

You might also find that your money values are changing. Pluto works in a deep way and since Pluto has been in your money sector since 2008, transformation has been taking place on an unconscious level. Whether you’ve had money or not, you’ve been learning more about your money mind set, your motivations, your beliefs about money.

What you value highly in life may have changed and quite dramatically in the last few years. Transfer what you’ve learnt or discovered into the real world and make a conscious decision to either invest or spend money on your education, a life experience or reverse the process. It’s your choice but if you emerge stronger and wiser about your ability to earn money, deal with money, make money decisions, then you’re working with Pluto rather than against him. It’s never an easy negotiation but it’s definitely possible.

This month there’s strong focus on the bottom of your chart, your home, your family, your past and where you come from. The Sun is in Pisces and this sector of your chart until the 20th and Mercury (communication) takes up the baton after the 13th. Plus there’s a Full Moon cutting across the Virgo/Pisces axis of your chart on March 5th. Emotions are heightened at the Full Moon and you see your own situation clearly. This is about getting the work/life balance right on some level but it’s also about where your priorities lie, with work or with family.

The connections between you and family or people close to you are often invisible as you merge with one another. There are emotional and financial ties and this month you will start to see these threads more clearly. If you suspect that you have a blind spot around family or one family member in particular, dig a little deeper. On March 20th there’s a stunning Solar Eclipse in the heavens which takes place at the last degree of the zodiac, 29 Pisces.

A Solar or New Moon eclipse always represents a chance to start over, to begin again in some way but this eclipse contains an ending within it. So you have to shut a door to open a new one, sweep away dead wood to clear space for new energy to emerge. This might mean that a link in a property chain breaks down and points you in a new direction or a family member leaves home beginning a new chapter.

Again link the symbolism to your own personal situation. Where in life can you start over with regard to home and family? It’s a perfect time to spring clean, declutter, sort things out at home to prepare the way for fresh energy to come in.

2 thoughts on “Sagittarius Monthly Stars March 2015”

  1. I’ve been following various astrologers since the early ’90’s observing how they resonate (or not) with things going on with me. This is the first time I’ve read your monthly stars for my sign and I must say there is a lot here (more than what I’m usually seeing from others) that has direct correspondence to what’s going on for me. Also, I’ve started to explore other writings here, blog and other signs, and I can only say I’m sure glad I found your site. Thanks for all your writing and I look forward to your future articles. (born 8 hrs after the Scorpio-Sagg Sun transition).

    1. Thanks, Doug. I’m glad you found my site and that the astrology resonates for you. That’s what I always hope for, to show how astrology is relevant in your own life. Then you can start to use the astrology as a guide. Sending best wishes, Sally

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