Sagittarius Monthly Stars March 2013

Sagittarius Maldives StampSagittarius (22 November-21 December)

As the month begins, there are a host of planets down at the base of your chart in the sign of Pisces. This puts the spotlight on your home and family, your domestic situation and also the past. It’s a mixed bag, however, and if you’re in the middle of major DIY, building work or a spring clean, you can expect everything to take longer than you think it should.

Too much Pisces energy tends to lead you on a merry dance and with Mercury retrograde in Pisces until the 17th this feels doubly circuitous. At times, you may feel as if you’re going round in circles with no clear end in sight. The best thing to do is to give yourself plenty of time whether you’re visiting relatives or doing interior work and be especially patient with anyone who’s involved with your home, plus family of course.

Thankfully Venus, the planet of relating is one of the five planets in Pisces and as Venus is exalted in the sign of compassion and sensitivity, this feels caring and understanding. If in doubt, be kind and try and see the best of others and what’s going on. Some things really aren’t worth falling out over and you should save your energy for the bigger battles as opposed to the small stuff.

A New Moon in Pisces on the 11th is definitely helpful and a good day to make a fresh start, kiss and make up, or organise a pow-wow with family and loved ones. Mercury turning direct in Pisces on the 17th also suggests a green light whether you hear news you’ve been waiting for or new information comes to light. You can start putting one foot in front of the other from the 17th onwards, instead of feeling as if it’s one step forward and two steps back.

When it comes to love, you aren’t on solid ground until the end of the month. Your planet Jupiter is in your opposite sign of Gemini which promises a lot for relationships. However, the planet which represents your partner in the heavens is Mercury and with Mercury retrograde until the 17th, plus in square aspect to Jupiter on the 10th and 29th, you may find yourself at odds with your other half. In fact, it’s probably best to agree to disagree if that helps. Certainly, it suggests that you’re not on the same wavelength and if life at home is unsettled, then even more reason why you’re struggling to be on the same side.

It’s a very different picture for new love and someone could literally bowl into your life at top speed. Mars, the passion planet, enters Aries and your romance sector on the 12th followed by the spring equinox and the Sun’s move into Aries on the 20th and Venus, planet of love, on the 22nd.

In addition, Uranus, the planet of surprises, is in this same sector of your chart and it adds up to things happening quickly. Take note of what happens on or around the Full Moon on the 27th which involves Uranus. This is often an emotional time of the month and things could feel rather wild and crazy for you. If you’re a typical Sagittarius, you’re a hedonist at heart and any nights out on or around the Full Moon are full-on entertainment.

However, it is a volatile picture so even though you may be tempted to invest in a get-rich-quick scheme or have a fling with a friend, do engage your brain and think things through before leaping into action. It’s all well and good living life to the full but actions have consequences.

Having said that, with Jupiter teaming up with the relationship planets, Mars and Venus in the last week of the month, whatever happens, your Sagittarian lucky nature will see you right in the end.

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