Sagittarius Monthly Stars July 2014

Beach CocktailSagittarius (22 November-21 December)

There’s a major planetary shift in the heavens this month and it’s great news for you. This concerns your ruling planet Jupiter, the planet of opportunity, which lends you your happy-go-lucky personality and your 11th hour luck. On July 16th Jupiter enters your fellow fire sign of Leo where it remains until August 11th 2015 which feels like the equivalent of one big beach party.

Jupiter takes approximately one year to journey through each sign of the zodiac so the last time Jupiter was in Leo was 12 years ago. Leo represents your 9th house in your chart, the house that is naturally linked to Jupiter and your sign of Sagittarius. This is your chance to focus on all the things you love best, to start a new adventure and to make the most of life.

Jupiter rules travel, study, philosophy, spirituality and any activity that expands your horizons and broadens your experience of life. There’s a feel-good factor to Jupiter in Leo that boosts your desire to party and celebrate. You want to make fun and play your high priorities over the next 12 months. Think of work as play, discover your passion and enjoy what you do for a living.

If you want to travel abroad or live in another country, if you want to take a sabbatical from work and explore a new direction, it starts with believing and know that anything’s possible. Set your intentions as Jupiter’s year of exploration begins and let the universe know what you want.

This is a wonderful opportunity to think globally, to expand your network or tribe and to reach out to other people in different countries and cultures. You will want to see the world or save the world as Jupiter is closely linked to philanthropy and charitable actions. Jupiter also rules publishing, the Law, truth and justice. Stake your claim and begin your voyage of discovery.

The key dates this month to embrace this new energy are the 24th when the Sun and Jupiter connect in the heavens and the 26th when there’s a New Moon, the symbol of new beginnings, in the sign of Leo. Be open to options, say Yes to new experiences and go or do something different on or around these dates. These dates feel especially lucky for you and the events that take place on or around them will help signpost your way forward in the year ahead.

Jupiter leaves behind the sign of Cancer where he’s been since June 2013 and Cancer rules joint finances and shared resources in your chart. In theory, Jupiter adds wealth and abundance to the area of your chart where it resides so you may have received an extra bonus, an inheritance or boosted your own financial well-being via a partnership or collaboration.

However, Jupiter has had to contend with the ongoing Uranus-Pluto square that’s dominated the heavens since 2012. Pluto in your money sector is a transformative entity but often it wipes you out before you can rise from the ashes. Pluto rules power and for some the Jupiter-Pluto opposition has enabled you to re-evaluate what money means to you and how highly you value yourself and your personal skill set. Add Uranus to the mix and at times, you will have felt stretched in too many different directions, trying to care and provide for the ones you love but with many demands for your cash coming in.

There may have been some tough decisions to make about what you can and can’t afford and if you’re a parent, needing to teach a child or children about the value of money. Love and money may have been in conflict too for Uranus and Pluto together can indicate rash decisions and/or bad behaviour.

This month three of the personal planets pick up the baton as the Sun in Cancer clashes with the Uranus-Pluto square from the 4th-8th, Mercury does the same from the 22nd-25th and finally Venus in Cancer opposes Pluto on the 28th. So there are still some lessons to learn but the key to Uranus and Pluto is to ditch or discard what’s old and outdated in order to allow fresh energy to come in. Uranus is the planet of reinvention and anything that’s new or innovative can help you move forward.

You may decide it’s time to take a new approach to finances and earning money and resolve to become cash-savvy, plus the planets in Cancer connect nicely with both Saturn and Neptune in fellow water signs. This indicates there’s support within your family, perhaps a private benefactor or someone who helps you out from your past. If Jupiter in Cancer has taught you one thing, it’s that you’re not alone and Jupiter’s protective nature feels powerful in the sign that represents your clan.

There’s a strong focus on relationships in July in general as two key planets are in your opposite sign of Gemini as the month begins. Mercury, the planet of communication and your partner planet, turns direct in Gemini on the 1st. This is the planetary equivalent of a green light which brings in good news or new information. If someone went quiet on you throughout June, this is the time when you’ll hear from them again. Mercury remains in Gemini until the 13th and has a clear journey throughout your opposite sign.

Even better news is the fact that Venus, the planet of love, is also in your opposite sign of Gemini as the month begins and this is gorgeous news for relationships. Love feels sociable and as Venus remains in Gemini until the 18th, grab any opportunity you can to talk to your other half and have fun into the bargain. If issues were flagged up in June, here’s your chance to sort them out amicably and in partnership. The 7th and the 13th are especially helpful for love when Venus teams up with Uranus and Mars respectively and both times in a harmonious aspect.

Mars is also on the move as July comes to a close and if there’s been an on-off feel about a love affair or flirtation with a friend, you’re reaching the finishing line. As Venus is on hand to cosy up to Mars, there’s more chance than not that you can transform a friendship into a loving relationship.

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