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[Update 1st July. If you are a Sagittarius who subscribes to my newsletter and you found your way here, well done! Apologies that the newsletter link for Sagittarius was to your June 2013 reading. Two words – Mercury retrograde!]

Sagittarius (22 November-21 December)

Your ruler Jupiter is now moving through the sign of Cancer where it remains for the next twelve months and where it’s said to be exalted. This means that the protective side of Jupiter likes the security-conscious nature of Cancer and together they make a good team.

Cancer is the sign that rules other peoples’ money, i.e. money shared with people close to you and money that’s tied up in property, debts, savings, investments, etc. When Jupiter’s in Cancer, it’s wise to focus on the future and build strong foundations for yourself and your family.

However, before you can get going on your plan towards prosperity, there’s the small matter of Mercury retrograde also in Cancer and this same sector of your chart.

Mercury tends to throw a spanner in the works and as it’s the planet of communication, it’s not the best time to be doing business. This doesn’t mean do nothing but it does mean postpone any major decisions if you can until 20th July when Mercury turns direct. The same goes for signing any important documents.

What Mercury is good for is doing research and reviewing your situation so it’s a great month for any form of money audit and getting your finances in order. Slowly, slowly wins the day when Mercury’s up to its tricks. There is a glimpse of light on or just after the New Moon on the 8th which also falls in the sign of Cancer and this is great for making a fresh start or initiating new actions or behaviours but it’s the 20th which is going to be the real turning point.

Often where Mercury’s concerned, your luck begins to turn a few days before and this time around it coincides with an amazing planetary event, a grand trine in water signs. This involves your ruling planet Jupiter in Cancer, Saturn in Scorpio and Neptune in Pisces. The spotlight’s on your home and family, property matters and your connection to the past. When these three planets work together in unison, there’s a chance to turn dreams into reality and some lucky event may take place at this time which helps you feel more secure or settled.

Jupiter in Cancer may bring a cash bonus in the form of an inheritance, a work project or an investment or there may be good news via your family or a blast from the past. Water signs rule the emotions so expect a fair amount of nostalgia or sentimental reminiscing. It would be a wonderful time to take a trip down memory lane or to investigate your family tree or something similar.

Be aware that some of you may find the emphasis on water signs overwhelming this month and it’s important to keep your feet on the ground so you don’t feel washed away by strong emotions.

Relationships are one area of your life that could be testing especially in the first two weeks. Mars is in your opposite sign of Gemini until the 13th and this brings both passion and arguments to your relationship sector. Mars is a volatile influence, great for confronting issues and clearing the air but doesn’t make for a peaceful existence.

Also don’t forget that Mercury is your partner planet and when it’s on go slow, you may not get the whole picture about love. A partner may be absent or quiet and certainly this doesn’t suggest a time when you can talk honestly and openly. If something is being hidden on the relationship front, wait until the 20th to discover more. When Mercury turns direct, you often find that new information can come to light. The 20th would also be a great day to initiate an important conversation with someone close to you.

There are two key planets in your fellow fire sign of Leo this month starting with Venus until the 22nd when it hands over the baton to the Sun. This will energise your spirit and remind you to lift your gaze above the parapet, plan an adventure and dream big. Leo rules travel, education, spirituality and any pursuit that broadens your horizons. Venus in Leo is great for new romance, especially someone you meet on holiday, but with Mars and Mercury creating snags, don’t rush into anything. Just enjoy yourself and keep love light.

Some of you may be itching for a holiday or a change of scene but are finding it hard to get away. Saturn in your previous sign of Scorpio squares both Venus and the Sun on the 1st and 28th respectively and Saturn is more about saying no than yes. There may be a disappointment regarding a trip or holiday at this time or you may simply feel that for now for whatever reason your place is at home.

This shouldn’t stop you seeking out new inspiration via people, books, films, music, whatever turns you on. You’re an explorer at heart and you’re at your best when you’re firing your archer’s arrows in a new direction and keeping your eye firmly fixed on your future goals.

Read both your Sun sign and your Ascendant sign for a full prediction. If you don’t know your Ascendant but know your time of birth, send me your birth data (date, time, place of birth) and I’ll let you know your Ascendant (the sign that was rising on the horizon when you were born). If you’re born on the cusp and you’re unsure of your Sun sign, send me your birth data and I’ll confirm it for you. I’m here to help.

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