Sagittarius Monthly Stars January 2014

Sagittarius SyrylynSagittarius (22 November-21 December)

The planetary action begins straightaway in January with a New Moon falling on New Year’s Day. As this is traditionally the day to set your New Year resolutions, this year you have more reason to believe you’ll continue what you start so set your intentions for the year ahead and make a wish.

The New Moon on the 1st falls in the sign of Capricorn ruling money matters in your chart. It’s a powerful New Moon as it not only involves the Sun and Moon together but Mercury (communication) and Pluto (loss/power) are included in the line up.

This feels definitive and intense and suggests that your words (Mercury) have power (Pluto). So be careful what you wish for and realise that if you make a promise, it’s final. There are no half measures where Pluto’s concerned and if you promise to commit or quit, so you shall.

This line up indicates that money is a pressing issue and it’s important to get things right on the cash front in the first month of the year. In fact you have the whole of the month to sort yourself out financially, to actively look for more work and to deal with any debts or money issues that arise.

Venus, the planet that represents the good things in life, is currently retrograde, i.e. on go slow in Capricorn and only turns direct on January 31st. Up until then, you may want to conserve your spending even though the sales are on. If you were overly extravagant at Christmas or the end of the year brought a financial loss, put a new budget in place and be sensible with spending where you can.

Jupiter, your ruling planet, is currently in Cancer and one of your money sectors but it’s in the part of your chart that rules joint finances. Monies that you share with another person or that are tied up in any kind of financial institution. This may bring financial help from an outside source and as Jupiter remains in Cancer for a whole year from summer 2013-summer 2014, some of you will receive a bonus, an inheritance or money via an investment.

That’s the best case scenario but just as Jupiter, planet of abundance, is in your joint finance sector so too is Pluto, planet of loss, in your personal finance sector. Put the two together and money may go out as fast as it comes in.

This month these two heavyweights of the zodiac oppose each other in the heavens on the 31st. This is the second of three meetings between these two, the first took place in August 2013 and the third opposition is in April 2014. This can swing either way but a Jupiter-Pluto opposition suggests hidden riches and it’s a good time to delve deep to find out whether you’re owed money or there’s some way of finding money that’s been hidden.

Take the symbolism and apply it to your own life – hunting down that lost lottery ticket, recycling old stuff for new, selling unwanted goods or discovering a family heirloom in the attic. Check out any old savings plans or premium bonds too.

This opposition between Jupiter and Pluto may also symbolise a battle for money but Jupiter’s strong in Cancer as it’s the protective planet in the sign of nurturing. If you’re supporting your family or your money’s tied to your past, there could be significant developments now and a chance to break free of a situation that’s been holding you back. Where Pluto’s concerned, you can never guarantee a win-win situation but fight for what’s rightfully yours, especially if you’re in the right legally or ethically and you have a good chance of success.

Certainly you’ll know where you stand financially by the end of the month and if you play your cards right and team up with the right people, you could also be significantly better off.

This is also a good month to give your social life a boost and to join a new group or club where you can meet like-minded people and make new friends. On the 11th, Mercury enters Aquarius and is followed by the Sun on the 20th plus action planet Mars is in Libra. Both Libra and Aquarius are sociable air signs and this suggests that now’s the time to go back to school or to become more active in your local neighbourhood.

If you’re looking for love, you may meet someone new close to home, the archetypal boy or girl next door. The 17th and 29th look lively when Uranus teams up with Mercury and the Sun respectively and Uranus is in your 5th house of love affairs.

If you’re in a relationship or married, work together as a team and ensure that you’re batting on the same side especially with regard to money and work concerns. Be supportive to each other and be honest in your communications. When it comes to relationships, ensure that you allow each other the freedom to be who you are and see your own friends. A relationship based on control is out and a relationship based on trust and equality is in.


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