Sagittarius Monthly Stars January 2013

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Happy New Year! As the year begins, you’re still in the party mood with Venus, planet of love, in your sign of Sagittarius until the 9th. When Venus is in your own sign, there’s an opportunity to look good, feel good and attract people to you. It’s about feeling happy in your own skin and wanting to make the most of life and enjoy yourself.

Yours is the party sign, after all, the sign of hedonism and if you’re a typical Sagittarian, you love any excuse for a celebration or party. This is because you’re ruled by Jupiter, the good time planet, and Jupiter’s energy is positive and optimistic.

This month sees a key turning point for you on the 30th when Jupiter turns direct and spends the next five months making steady progress in your opposite sign of Gemini. Life looks up, you feel as if you’re making progress and lucky opportunities come your way.

With Jupiter in Gemini, the spotlight’s on love, relationships and any significant other in your life. It’s a buoyant time for love, whether you’re single, dating, in a long-term relationship, married, divorced or anything in between. The promise of the last six months comes to fruition and you feel as if you’re moving forwards instead of the ‘one step forward two steps’ back scenario.

Jupiter moved into Gemini in June 2012 so think back to what happened last summer, whether you met someone new or you and your other half had big plans which haven’t happened as yet. Here’s your opportunity and this month looks especially lively with Jupiter in your relationship sector and Uranus, planet of surprises, in your romance sector and both planets are active.

Three of the personal planets move through Aquarius in January, the sign that rules communication and it’s a fertile period to make new friends, become involved with your local community and reach out to others. Mars, the action planet, remains in Aquarius all month, so don’t sit at home alone but start the year in a positive frame of mind and see what’s happening close by or join an online community. Aquarius is the sign that rules technology and the internet means that you can reach anyone anywhere. You can find people of like minds, join in with what’s happening and discover more about the world and the people who live in it.

Mars also teams up with Uranus on the 1st and Jupiter on the 4th, brilliant for taking action and moving your love life on especially as Mars is the planet that rules the libido.

When it comes to love Mercury is your partner planet, which is why you need a partner you can talk to, someone who’s your best friend as well as your lover, as Mercury rules communication. Both Mercury and the Sun enter Aquarius on the 19th and the week beginning the 21st feels incredibly exciting for love and relationships. If you want to meet someone new, don’t stay at home but get out and about and most important, send out a message that you’re interested in finding love. Communicate to others what you want and don’t wait for them to come to you. Uranus often brings good news or a surprise your way but this is your chance to be proactive and go for what you want.

Jupiter and Uranus don’t only offer potential for your love life, as this is about people in general, plus more specifically your children, your creativity and your desire to enjoy life. It’s a buzzy combination and if you’re a parent, it’s a wonderful month to make a special connection with a child and get on their wavelength. You can make progress too with any form of creative pursuit, whether you’re blogging, teaching, studying or coaching. The Full Moon on the 27th is powerful for you as it cuts across the learning axis of your horoscope and often symbols a time of culmination, completion, bringing an honour or award.

Money requires your consideration this month but this is an ongoing situation. Three of the personal planets move through Capricorn and your money sector and it’s here where you find Pluto, planet of transformation. Pluto sometimes negates what it touches so you may find that your cash flow is erratic at times but there’s also the potential to be powerful and turn your fortunes around. Dig deep and use your intuition to know what to work on and where you need to make any changes.

There may be delays with cash as Saturn in your previous sign of Scorpio interlinks with Pluto and Saturn can slow things down. Saturn encourages you to work steadily and to focus on the long-term goal rather than hoping for overnight success. This is different to your Sagittarian nature but learn to slow down, turn inward and do what feels right. Inner transformation can be as effective if not more effective than outer changes. The New Moon on the 11th, symbol of new beginnings, signposts your way forward.

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