Sagittarius Monthly Stars August 2014

SeagullSagittarius (22 November-21 December)

It’s the last blast of the Cardinal Grand Cross as August begins with Venus, the last of the personal planets, to be in Cancer, one of the cardinal signs.

The Cardinal Grand Cross has been important for you as it’s focused on the money sectors of your chart and some of you may have found that you’ve been caught up in a financial straitjacket throughout the first half of 2014.

By this I mean that your money’s been tied up with other people, whether someone owes you cash, you’ve been waiting on a loan or you’ve been subsidising someone close to you. On the 1st Venus squares Uranus and trines Saturn and this brings the situation to a close.

It’s not the end of the road completely but this clash makes you realise that you’re ready to move on. For some, it’s about finding out how you can make this happen that will play a prominent role in your life throughout August and ultimately the rest of the year. Watch what happens on or around the 25th when you finally make a decision that helps you plan and create your strategy for the rest of 2014.

This is connected with two planets in the sign before yours, Scorpio. Saturn has been in this sector of your chart since October 2012 and there may be a problem or issue that you’ve had to deal with on your own since then. It could be a secret or something behind the scenes that you’re not willing to tell everyone about.

Mars in Scorpio this month will make everything seem more urgent and you may feel under pressure to close the door on your past in some way. It’s important to look after your own well-being with the Mars/Saturn combination hidden away in your chart as it could indicate extra stress or pressure in your life for whatever reason. When planets are in the sign before yours, this often turns your attention inwards whether you’re dealing with powerful emotions, baggage from the past or doubting yourself in some way.

For some, it’s about being closeted away at home working hard or having an important deadline that you need to reach. See what takes place on the 5th and 7th when Saturn trines first Chiron and Mars trines Neptune in Pisces, the two planetary bodies down at the base of your chart ruling your home and family. This gives you potential for healing and it’s a sensitive yet deep connection. Turn to the people you trust and lean on others if necessary. Forgiveness is also associated with both Chiron and Neptune in Pisces and there may be an opportunity to close a chapter in your past and be ready to let go and move on.

The turning point comes on the 25th when there’s a New Moon in Virgo at the top of your chart and on the same day, Mars and Saturn conjoin in the heavens. New beginnings are possible especially with regard to your career, your vocation and where you’re heading in life. The opportunity that arises allows you to finally make a key decision that will free you from a burden or difficulty by the end of the year.

Hopefully anything that tests you throughout August won’t stop you fulfilling your Sagittarius promise and living life to the full. Deal with any difficult feelings and resentments and let them go and embrace all the positives in your life. Jupiter, your ruling planet, is currently in your fellow fire sign of Leo and the sector of your chart that connects naturally with your sign.

This puts the focus on expansion, travel, education, study and broadening your horizons. If you’re a typical Sagittarius, you’re a risk-taker and someone who loves saying Yes to new opportunities. Jupiter moved into Leo mid-July but this month there are three key personal planets triggering this part of your chart and making it especially powerful.

Mercury, the communication planet, is in Leo until the 15th along with the Sun until the 23rd and Venus, the planet of love, takes up the Leo baton on the 12th and remains in this sunny sign throughout the rest of the month. If in doubt, do something different, take action and set off on a new adventure.

It’s a brilliant month to go travelling or to sign up for a new course of study. Publishing, the media and the Law are all well-starred but you need to time your actions carefully. The 2nd suggests good news when Mercury and Jupiter connect in the heavens and the 8th is lively too when there’s a Sun/Mercury conjunction in Leo. Make that important phone call or fill in an application form to embark on a new experience. Life’s for living and you’re at your happiest when you have a new project to get your teeth into.

Beware of Saturn slowing you down but overcome any negativity and balance out the more serious side of life with fun, parties and celebration. If you’re looking for love, the second half of the month promises a holiday romance and Venus in Leo suggests an exotic love life. You’re most likely to meet someone new when you’re abroad or look out for a foreigner or fellow student.

One of the potential best days of the year comes on the 18th when Venus and Jupiter connect together. This promises love but also happiness and abundance. New people, new places and a new sense of direction sweep in vitality and energy.

There’s a sense that what you put in place now is setting you on a path that will ultimately take you to the next stage in your life. Saying Yes to an adventure can lead you down a new career path or open up a new vocation. Be bold and brave, learn from life’s experiences and let your natural optimism move you forward.

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