Sagittarius Monthly Stars August 2012

Sagittarius Zodiac StampIf you’re waiting for news, you may not have to wait long. This is because there’s a Full Moon on the 2nd that falls across your communication sectors and connects helpfully with your planet Jupiter.

This Full Moon is full of promise so look out for developments that include a partner, lover or colleague. The Full Moon represents the completion of a cycle, a time of culmination and potential achievement.

But life really picks up speed around the 8th and this is because of Mercury’s turnaround in the heavens. Mercury’s been retrograde in your fellow fire sign of Leo since July 15th so if there have been delays or frustrations with travel, education or generally in your life, this is the reason why. Often when Mercury turns direct, hidden information comes to light and a new picture unfolds. Mercury is your relationship planet, so this promises good news for all relationships, personal and professional.

Talking of relationships, Venus, planet of love, has been in your opposite sign of Gemini for an unusually long time, since early April 2012. This coincided with Jupiter’s move into Gemini mid-June, so the spotlight’s been on love and relationships for quite some time. Venus leaves Gemini on the 7th and moves into Cancer. As this is the day before Mercury turns direct and Mercury’s your partner planet, this signals a shift in your relationships. It may mean taking things to the next level, making progress and talking through practical matters as well as enjoying the dizzy heights of love.

Mid-month is a potentially bumpy patch for a relationship, however, when Venus clashes with the Uranus/Pluto square on the 15th/16th. This suggests an issue that needs to be resolved, whether it’s to do with kids, money or living arrangements. This whole combination implies that you need to give something up if you want to make progress in a relationship and you need to thrash out the details between you.

This is only a temporary blip and there’s still plenty of excitement to be had. Mercury teams up with Uranus and Jupiter on the 18th and 22nd respectively and as this is the 3rd meeting of these two pairs, a theme of second or third chances is emerging. Someone you met late June or early July may come back into your life and a key conversation or news you hear helps to bring you closer together. Remember that Jupiter remains in Gemini until June 2013 so you have plenty of opportunity to find the love you want and deserve and there’s no rush to get things right.

The New Moon on the 17th also takes place in Leo and it’s a wonderful weekend for a holiday romance or for a trip away with friends. This may be much needed as Mars and Saturn come together on the 15th which intimates a tough time for a friend or the end of your association with a club, group or society. A fun weekend away is ideal to blow the cobwebs away and cheer up a good mate or celebrate saying goodbye to an alliance that’s weighed heavy upon you. New Moons are a chance to make a fresh start and represent new beginnings.

Leo rules study and learning in your chart so sign up for an evening class or begin a course of study on or around the 17th. If you team up with a good friend, so much the better, and starting any new development that has the potential to improve your future prospects has got to be good.

Finally, the Sun’s on the move on the 22nd into Virgo and your career sector. If you’ve been enjoying the holiday month of August, on or soon after this date it’s back to business and getting your head down to work hard. This coincides with Mars’ move into Scorpio and the sign before yours in the zodiac on the 23rd so some quiet time is called for, a period of solitude whereby you can focus on your career or vocation or what next in your life.

There’s a second Full Moon this month on the 31st, a blue moon, which falls across your work/home sectors and what takes place on or around the last two days of August can transform your work and financial situation. The powerful planet Pluto links in with the Full Moon and promises something special, a wave of the magic wand which has the potential to improve your work/life balance and your financial well-being. Get back in touch with your ambitious nature and create the life you want for yourself.

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