Sagittarius Monthly Stars April 2014

Sagittarius MandalaSagittarius (22 November-21 December)

Your ruling planet Jupiter is caught up in the Cardinal Grand Cross this month, the planetary event dominating the heavens. In brief, a Grand Cross is when four planets square up to one another suggesting that different people have different agendas and a certain amount of conflict or disagreement can’t be avoided.

The cardinal signs are Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn, the leaders of the zodiac and the areas that these signs rule in your chart is where the action’s at. Jupiter is coming towards the end of it’s cycle in the part of your chart that rules joint finances. This can be anything from savings to debts, mortgages to an inheritance and with Jupiter opposed by Pluto over the Easter weekend this racks up the intensity.

It is important to note that Jupiter’s a protective and benevolent influence and therefore joining forces with others is recommended especially where money’s concerned. Think teamwork, a business partnership and any liaison that makes your money go further.

A Jupiter-Pluto opposition can swing either way; it can bring a big win financially or it can make money disappear down a rabbit hole. It’s about getting clear what works for you and backing out of any financial deal or agreement that isn’t working. The Grand Cross symbolism is about sweeping out the old in order to allow in the new.

The other areas of your life that are pulled into the Grand Cross are friendships and groups, children, romance and creativity. So on some level, this month’s theme is about considering what you can and can’t afford and where your money goes. Are there changes you can make to ensure your budget works more effectively, if you’re a parent does a child require help with money management, are you paying for a gym membership and you never go? At one level this is about looking at ways of rearranging your finances so they’re ship-shape and working in tip-top condition.

All these areas, however, and money in particular are closely tied with emotions and they can quickly generate heat and strong reactions. As planets move through the sign of Aries, they trigger the Grand Cross in the first week of April, again from the 14th-16th, over the Easter weekend and on the 22nd/23rd.

If someone’s upset in life, try to be willing to find a way to compromise. Instead of disagreeing, look at how you can work towards an agreement. Life’s a balancing act right now and it may help to remember that whatever you do, everyone has their own agenda and you can’t please all of the people all of the time.

The Lunar Eclipse on the 15th that cuts across the Aries/Libra axis of your chart may feel especially emotional. This is a repeat of an eclipse that took place on October 18th 2013 so think back to that date to give you clues about what might happen second time around and what it can teach to help you this month.

Eclipse symbolism often revolves around one person winning and another person losing or a door being closed. Be patient during this eclipse and the Grand Cross season and know that come next month you’ll see things more clearly and peoples’ reactions will be less dramatic.

Do the best you can now and note also that with Mars retrograde or on go slow in Libra throughout April, this suggests passive-aggressive tendencies, someone who’s charming on the outside but seething on the inside. When anger or strong emotions are repressed, they invariably erupt but not in a way that’s clean or direct. Being a truth-seeker, this can be especially hard for you if you sense that one particular friend isn’t finding it easy to be direct or honest.

One area of your life that is a joy right now is your home or family life. This is because Venus, Goddess of love, enters Pisces, the sign that rules these areas on the 5th and Venus is exalted in Pisces, i.e. it’s a sign she loves. Venus makes only helpful aspects throughout April and pulling together as a family can help you weather any financial storm and give your life the solid base and foundations you need.

If you’re looking for love, you may meet someone at a family gathering or be introduced to someone through a family member. It’s also a lovely time to reconnect with a childhood sweetheart or someone from your past.

If you’re in a relationship or married, this month’s stars do suggest a certain level of disruption or disagreement but remember that often it’s via the areas you clash that you learn to understand each other better and coming through any kind of crisis or personal issue helps you grow stronger as a couple.

Finally, the last week of April feels more grounded after the potentially disruptive astrology earlier in the month. Mercury (communication) joins the Sun in Taurus ruling work, health and your routine on the 23rd. Settle down into a steady routine and know that if you have a lot of work to attend to, you can get a lot done. A New Moon or Solar Eclipse on the 29th is a doubly powerful fresh start although it does suggest that you may have to close one door first before you can accept a new work opportunity.

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