Sagittarius Monthly Horoscope October 2015

Sunlight, SagittariusSagittarius (22 November – 21 December)

There’s no reason to hold back this month, Sagittarius, as key planets line up in Virgo, the sign that rules your work and career, your future and where you’re heading.

This is potentially an exciting month for you when new opportunities arise, you find the job or contract you were looking for and success heads your way.

You might have learned by now however that things don’t just fall into your lap and it’s when you work hard that you create your own luck.

This is a clear signal from Jupiter’s residency in the earth sign Virgo. Jupiter is your ruling planet, the planet of opportunity and growth, and Virgo rules your work and career. The earth signs know all about steady application, long-term goals and working hard to reap rewards.

This is what you’re learning now and it really is worth putting in some extra time and effort because your work and career stars are jumping.

Jupiter’s in fine form this month and the first stunning planetary aspect takes place on the 11th when Jupiter in Virgo is in a positive trine aspect to Pluto in Capricorn. Together these two planets represent big (Jupiter) power (Pluto) and they hint at hidden riches. This is your time to head quickly up your chosen career ladder, to be empowered, to show off your skills and to nail whatever you’re doing.

Plus Jupiter and Pluto are linking your work and money sectors so this is a good date to play high stakes, to aim for promotion, to ask for a raise and to seek out new opportunities which can boost your earning potential.

Another key planet in Virgo this month is Mars, the action planet, which remains here throughout October and on the 16th and 17th, Mars connects with the Jupiter/Pluto trine. This combination is chock full of energy and enthusiasm and there’s no reason to hold back. Go all out to get what you want, make your mark and ensure that other people notice you.

You might be going full speed ahead to achieve your own goals and aims or this combination can indicate that you’re on your white charger ready to help or defends others. It’s an adventurous, daring combination and a brilliant opportunity to say Yes to an exciting new experience. Jupiter rules travel and education so anything that expands your experience of life gets the green light.

The other planet to join Mars and Jupiter in Virgo is Venus, the planet of relating. Venus enters Virgo on the 8th where it remains throughout October and this is good news for a business partnership, for impressing people who can help you and for teaming up with others to boost your potential.

Look out for someone who can help you achieve what you want at work and the key date for success is the 25th when Venus and Jupiter connect in the heavens. This is a glorious combination when the best two planets come together in your career and future sector.

This feels abundant, expansive and full of opportunity. Listen out for good news and be ready to join in any event or celebration which will help boost your profile and reputation. There are undoubtedly big things coming your way in the month of October.

The other big news this month is Mercury the planet of communication turning direct in the heavens on the 9th. Mercury is currently in the sociable air sign of Libra highlighting your friends and group connections. Whilst Mercury has been retrograde or on go slow, you might have experienced misunderstandings with your friends, a falling out or someone going quiet on you.

This all changes once Mercury is back up to speed and after the 9th you’re wise to put extra energy and effort into your social life. You want to have fun and play as hard as you work but this is also a good arena for inspiration and ideas. Don’t sit at home on your own this month if you want to be successful. Get out and about, meet new people, ask questions, brainstorm and be inspired.

The New Moon in Libra takes place on the 13th, another positive day for friendship and group connections. Look out for who crops up on or around this date and if you need to reach out to a friend to sort out a misunderstanding, you couldn’t choose a better day.

Love and friendship are also linked because Mercury is your partner planet. If you’ve been caught up in a complex situation, a triangle situation, here’s your opportunity to get things straight and to make up your own mind who you want to be with and why.

On the 13th, there’s a Mercury/Saturn connection which indicates that it’s a day for telling the truth and making a firm commitment. Saturn in your sign is a helpful influence throughout October but you have to prove that you’re capable of making a decision and sticking to it.

This partly depends on what happened during last month’s eclipse season as the reverberations continue this month and the 12th and 25th paint a complex picture when it comes to love and relationships.

If you’re involved with someone who isn’t completely available or someone’s flirtatious behaviour is causing problems, it’s best not to play games but instead speak your mind in a way that’s clear and fair.

Sometimes you have to pay attention to boundaries and limitations and ask both parties concerned that neither one steps over the line. Be an honest role model and hold out for a relationship that’s built on loyalty and trust.

Know too that this isn’t the month to focus on love in particular but instead make the most of the joyous and celebratory astrology that’s boosting your work, your career and your future goals.

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