Sagittarius Monthly Horoscope January 2016

2016, SagittariusSagittarius (22 November – 21 December)

It would be nice to go into a new year feeling on track and thinking you can move swiftly forwards in life making quick progress with your plans and goals.

This month is lined up to be a month of highs but also some lows and life will take you on a circuitous route.

Let’s start with the highs. It’s always gorgeous to have Venus, the love planet, in your own sign and until the 23rd, Venus is in Sagittarius.

Venus also rules money and beauty and good things tend to come your way when Venus is in your sign. You’re more popular, you attract luck and love into your life, you gain compliments and life bestows you little gifts and assorted pleasures.

Make the most of the Venus vibe and focus on what’s lovely about your life and what you’re grateful for. Ruled by optimistic Jupiter, you have a knack for finding the silver lining in any cloud and your positive nature can be an absolute boon to you. Trust that good fortune will come your way and it’s more likely to materialise.

Another planet currently in your sign of Sagittarius is Saturn, the taskmaster of the heavens. So whereas Venus can feel frivolous and light, Saturn adds a heavier touch, a weighty influence. This may mean you’re having to make some big life and love decisions. Notice in particular what happens on or around the 9th when Venus and Saturn unite in the heavens.

For some, this might coincide with a major commitment, a decision to settle down, to say Yes to the one you love. For others, it might indicate an ending, a parting of the ways or a realisation that your time is up and you’re ready to move on in some shape or form. Saturn always brings a serious edge to proceedings.

If you’re looking for love, there will be moments this month when you can meet someone who lights up your life and catches your attention. The 13th is lively when Venus and spontaneous Uranus dance in the heavens and the Full Moon on the 24th spotlights the social sectors of your chart.

In fact, once the Sun enters sociable Aquarius on the 20th, this is prime time for you to get out in the big wide world, to make new friends and to embrace fun and good times. The lighter you are, the easier you are to be around and the more other people will want to be with you. Let your Sagittarius sense of humour show and throw yourself into life.

This month however there is also some trickier astrology and especially when it comes to your work and money, you need to proceed cautiously. Mercury, the communication planet, is retrograde from the 5th-25th and for the majority of this period, Mercury is reversing through Capricorn and your money sector.

This can indicate communication chaos and it’s not the best time to sign and seal a deal or try and finalise a financial transaction. You won’t know entirely what you’re getting into as Mercury retrograde tends to fudge the truth.

Avoid making major purchases whilst Mercury’s on go slow and be prepared for more disruption than usual on the money front. This might mean keeping a close eye on your online accounts, being attentive to your money when you’re out and about and generally double-checking everything that’s going on.

For some, this is a month when you’ll be looking at where and how you can make some financial cuts, whether you decide to ditch the gym membership or stop paying out regular money for a hobby, a luxury or some other personal interest.

A lot depends on your current financial situation but with choppy territory underfoot on the astrological front, it’s wise to proceed with caution. If you highlight a drain on your finances, look at how you can plug the gap.

There are some money highlights in the month and the New Moon in Capricorn on the 10th is most definitely one of them. This is a brilliant symbol for new beginnings and the chance to sow seeds which can grow and flourish.

Look out for a money-making opportunity that comes your way on or around this date or think of how you can do things differently to benefit your own cash situation. As long as you try to delay any final decision until Mercury’s back up to speed on the 25th, there’s no harm in pursuing your options.

Another important factor to take into account is your ruling planet Jupiter. On the 8th, Jupiter turns retrograde and will be less powerful until mid-May. Jupiter is currently in Virgo and your career and vocation sector. This will mean different things to different people but it indicates you’re ready to slow down your progress for whatever reason.

You might feel less ambitious than you have of late or you recognise that you want to do less not more. Take your time this month when it comes to your work and career goals and especially with Mercury retrograde, view this as a chance to review your current situation. You can’t rush into anything now and even with the best-laid plans in the world, you can’t go directly from A to B.

Instead allow yourself time and space to consider what next and focus on your bigger vision for the future. This is in line with Mars’ movement in January as the action planet enters Scorpio and the most hidden sector of your chart on the 3rd. Mars will remain here until early March when it enters your sign of Sagittarius.

Like Jupiter retrograde, this indicates a period of preparation rather than all-out action. Consolidate your current position and if life has other plans for you, go wherever life leads for now at least. View this as a period of exploration and create time in your life to decide what really matters to you rather than push on regardless. Once you recognise your true purpose in life, then you can reignite your drive and ambition.

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