Sagittarius Monthly Horoscope December 2015

Christmas, SagittariusSagittarius (22 November – 21 December)

It’s a lively start to the month and the more you focus on fun and enjoyment in your life, the more you’re guaranteed a good time.

As the month begins, you have both the Sun (identity) and Mercury (communication/mind) in your sign of Sagittarius encouraging you to put yourself first and do more of what you love.

At its best your sign represents excitement, exuberance and enthusiasm and if you’re a typical Sagittarius you will love the run up to Christmas because it means parties, socialising and a chance to expose your hedonistic nature.

This is especially true for you this month because both the Sun and Mercury team up with live wire Uranus in Aries and the part of your chart which rules all the good things in life. This is an impulsive combination and with so much emphasis on fire signs, there’s no stopping you. Some people might find your nature over-bearing or too much but the more you throw yourself into life, the more enjoyment you gain.

Aries rules specific areas of your life, e.g. love and romance, children and pregnancy, creative projects, your self-expression, entertainment and luck. All the things in life that you ‘give birth to’, what you create, what you produce, what you’re passionate about.

So take your pick. Where do you want to target your Sagittarius arrows? The 1st and 9th are ripe for action and the other key date for you is the 11th when there’s a New Moon in your sign. This is brilliant for initiating new projects whether you’re keen to throw a party or you want to organise a social get-together.

A New Moon in Sagittarius indicates new opportunities which take you above and beyond this month’s activity and into 2016. This is the planetary equivalent of your New Year’s Day so get your resolutions drawn up early and work on the bigger picture in your life. When you have adventures and new experiences to look forward to, you feel more positive about life in general. This is a go-for it period, so make the most of it.

One area of your life that could prove challenging this month is your friendships or your interaction with a group, club or society to which you belong. This is because of Mars the action planet in Libra  and this sector of your chart. Mars by itself is a punchy energy, feisty and determined.

Yet this month, Mars clashes with the Uranus/Pluto duo on the 6th and 11th and this feels volatile and dramatic. It might unleash issues from the past connected to a good friend or group endeavour. There might be problems around fidelity, flirting, blackmail or financial corruption. Basically love or money or both.

This whole planetary combination indicates a battle for power on some level at least and it’s important to be wary of what you say or do and to avoid other people if their behaviour is out of order. Mars in conflict can unleash anger, tempers flare quickly and the atmosphere turns ugly. Avoid anyone who’s up for a fight and stay out of the way of trouble.

If a friendship is challenged, it could spell the end of your friendship if one of you believes that the other person’s actions are unacceptable.

When it comes to money matters in particular, it’s important for you to remain on an even keel and once Mercury and the Sun enter Capricorn and your personal money sector on the 10th and 22nd respectively, turn your attention to your finances.

Where money’s concerned, you’re wise to play it safe and this isn’t the best month to take out a loan or lend money. Instead consider this month as a chance to put systems in place which enable you to build for the future. Jupiter, your ruling planet, is currently in Virgo and your career sector and if you play your cards right now, you can secure your position for the year ahead.

Think big but rein in your risk-taking nature. You’ll be more successful if you play by the book where work’s concerned and consider your long-term goals. Being sensible where money and work are concerned benefits you greatly in 2016.

Plus the Full Moon which takes place this year on Christmas Day cuts across the Cancer/Capricorn axis of your chart highlighting money matters. This is the perfect opportunity to make a big decision which will help stabilise you financially as you move into the new year. This decision might be linked to your home and family as the Full Moon takes place in Cancer, highlighting these areas of your life.

When it comes to love, you have to wait a while for love to find you or for you to experience the love you crave. From the 5th-30th love planet Venus is hidden away in your chart in the sign of Scorpio. This is sexy but for you it indicates a private affair, love behind closed doors.

Yet on the 30th, Venus enters your sign of Sagittarius and whether you’re waiting for a declaration of love or you’re ready to enjoy yourself and your close relationships, this is perfect preparation for a glorious New Year’s Eve.

See the year out in style and as the Moon kisses your ruling planet Jupiter on New Year’s Eve, there’s never been a better time to make a wish whether you want love, success, good health or happiness or why not all of them? That choice is down to you.

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