Sagittarius May 2020

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Earth Sign Practicalities

As May begins, the Sun and communication planet Mercury are in earth sign Taurus. Mercury’s here until the 11th and the Sun until the 20th. Taurus rules your work and routine, your lifestyle and your health.

The earth signs are very different to your fiery nature but they encourage you to be good at what you do, to show up, do your work and persevere. Even if you’ve become disheartened with your current situation, don’t give up. Keep moving forward one step at a time and see things through to the end.

Or, at least, do so with projects that will pay off long term. A good time to trust your intuition about this is the 7th, the day of the Full Moon. The Full Moon falls in Scorpio, a bewitching and magical star sign.

Listen to your inner wisdom in knowing which projects to keep going with and where to let go. You may also hear news about a work-related matter on or close to the Full Moon.

Pluto is in another earth sign, Capricorn, and your money sector. This suggests an all-or-nothing feel about finances. Yet, this month, Pluto’s working well for you and the same advice stands, i.e. slow and steady progress wins out over impulsive ideas or risk-taking.

Both Mercury and the Sun team up with Pluto and your co-ruler Jupiter in Capricorn on the following dates, the 9th/10th and 15th/17th. Whether news is work or health related, there could be a reason to celebrate or a positive outcome on or around these dates. Either that, or help arrives at the 11th hour.

A Shift In Pace

Jupiter is your planet and you can use positive Jupiter aspects to your advantage – the 10th and 17th. However, Jupiter does turn retrograde on the 14th and this period in the month is a time when you may have to shift gear.

Again, there’s a theme of letting go and being willing to be adaptable and flexible to fit in with other people’s needs or plans.

From mid-month onwards, the mutable signs dominate, especially Gemini and Pisces. This could be helpful for you as your star sign Sagittarius is mutable. In fact, you often fare best when you are on the move and have different areas of life to keep you busy or entertained.

Love & Relationships

One area of your life that may bring surprises your way this month is your love life. In normal circumstances, this would be a promising month for love as Venus, the love planet, is lighting up your opposite star sign Gemini and your relationship sector.

Mercury’s here too from the 11th to the 28th and the Sun enters Gemini on the 20th. Plus, there’s a New Moon in your opposite star sign on the 22nd, a symbol of new beginnings.

Firstly, it’s important to ask why other people are more significant in your life than usual. Are you single and want to meet someone new? Are you ready to date online? Are you in a relationship or married and either head-over-heels in love or working things through together?

Remember that when planets are in your opposite star sign, this is about all key 1-to-1’s, i.e. it could involve a business partner, a coach or teacher.

The most significant factor happening in Gemini is Venus’ change of direction. Venus is on go slow from May 13th to June 25th. Sometimes, this means there’s a chance to rejuvenate an ex or long-term relationship. Other times, it means that you and someone close need to spend time apart.

Whatever’s true for you, be aware that this isn’t the best time to make any major decisions. Also, Venus is square to Neptune on the 4th and 20th so there’s a theme of romance, also longing and potentially disillusionment.

Don’t believe everything you hear this month and keep your options open. Your need for variety and excitement in your life could extend to your love life as well.

Mars on the Move

Finally, on the 13th, action planet Mars enters Pisces and your home and family sector where it remains until the end of June. This too brings new beginnings with regard to these areas of your life.

It looks as if there may be a change in your personal circumstances. Or perhaps, you can finally get ready to make a move or visit members of your family you haven’t seen for some time.

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