Sagittarius May 2017

Sagittarius May 2017

Sagittarius (22 November – 21 December)

Positive fire sign energy is literally bursting out this month and after March and April when key planets were retrograde or on go slow, now’s the time to get ahead. The first green light is Mercury’s change of direction on the 3rd.

Mercury is the communication planet and it’s been retrograde or on go slow for three weeks. Sometimes this can be a chaotic period either manifesting in plans and technology going crazy or a time when you feel confused and can’t see the way forward clearly.

This turning point may feel like a whoosh of fresh energy for you. Mercury is in your fellow fire sign Aries and the sign which rules all the good things in life, such as romance, children, play, entertainment, luck. So if there was ever a time to make the most of life, it’s now.

Mercury turning direct can also reveal the truth of a situation or news and information emerges that gives you a clearer picture. This is important for you being a Sagittarius as truth is a core value in your life and one you esteem highly.

Plus Mercury turns direct close to wild-card planet Uranus, also in Aries. So be impulsive and spontaneous. Do things differently, ring the changes and most importantly set a positive intent to look on the bright side. This is the Sagittarius nature and if you’re true to your sign, you always seek out the silver lining in every cloud and use any setbacks as a learning experience.

As you’ve had the taskmaster of the heavens, Saturn, in your sign of Sagittarius for a couple of years now, you may already have been tested in some shape or form. Saturn will leave Sagittarius at the end of the year so this is the final stage.

Even more importantly this year, Saturn has support from other key planets and this month on the 19th, Saturn teams up with Uranus. This is a strong positive connection that helps you get a new slant on an old problem. Uranus rules all things modern and technology. Plus it’s linked to alternative methodology so find new ways to release you from anything that’s hard or difficult.

This isn’t about starting over completely but finding a new way to reinvent the wheel. Saturn and Uranus first came together late December 2016 and they meet once again in November 2017. This is a major theme of the year for you and it’s brilliant for problem-solving and themes of renewal or rebirth.

If you want to get pregnant or you’re keen to adopt a child, this would be a great month to try. Not only Mercury but Venus, the planet of women and love, is in Aries, this same sector of your chart that’s now red-hot, on fire.

This is certainly stoking the fires of love and as this month has a theme of second chances, you might want to try again where things didn’t work out earlier in the year. Venus is now retracing her steps through Aries where she was back in February.

In fact, this month you have the love planet, Venus, in your romance sector and the passion planet, Mars, in your relationship sector. So these are two huge clues on where to focus your energy. This could turn out to be a big month for love and relationships whether you’re rekindling relations or running off with someone new.

The key dates that might prove revealing in this respect are the 12th when Mars teams up with Jupiter your ruling planet and the 19th when Venus opposes Jupiter. Jupiter expands what it touches so enjoy yourself now and do whatever’s necessary to boost your 1-to-1 relationships.

The New Moon on the 25th is another important date for relationships because it takes place in Gemini, your opposite sign. There could be a theme of twos in your relationships now as Gemini rules the twins. You might be more than happy to play the field but either way, a New Moon symbols new beginnings and the chance to make a fresh start.

There will be times when events don’t always run smoothly and the 11th and 29th are key in this respect. There’s a heavier feel to your astrology whether you’re tied to the past or you feel the weight of more challenging emotions.

Yet on the whole this month is about putting the past behind you and setting some new intentions to do more of what you love and to embrace the good times. If you have a creative project that’s waiting to be birthed, here too you can make swift progress.

You need some security in your life now too, a safe base or an anchor. This can come in the form of a steady job or a regular routine. The Sun is in the earth sign Taurus until the 20th and communication planet Mercury re-enters Taurus on the 16th.

So think about what this means for you and why there might be a reason to prioritise your work and routine, your lifestyle and your health. Sometimes it’s easier to enjoy life when the basics are in place and you don’t have to worry about money or where you’re going to live.

There may be another reason why it’s important for you now to look after your health, to immerse yourself in nature and to embrace what nourishes you. It’s here where you’re wise to be sensible or at least do the right thing.

If you’ve not been on a steady path for some time, ensure this is a priority. Set new daily habits in place that help to calm your mind, care for your body and feed your soul.

There will be another key turning point for you next month when your ruling planet Jupiter turns direct. This often brings with it a desire to expand your world, to embrace adventure.

For now, embrace simplicity especially on or close to the Full Moon in Scorpio, the most hidden sector of your chart. Rest and retreat, plus a healthy dose of fun and laughter, is the perfect Sagittarius recipe for the merry month of May.

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