Sagittarius January 2021

Happy New Year! Hooray – 2020 is over and we’re moving into a brand new year.

The key themes of 2020 and 2021 are pulled together in the first month of the year. The things you end and put in place now are pivotal with regard to your future path.

Capricorn Themes

Firstly, the Sun is in Capricorn and your personal money sector until the 19th. Talk planet Mercury is here too until the 8th and both planets do battle with Pluto, the planet of loss and transformation, on the 5th – Mercury and the 14th – the Sun.

This seems to indicate that you need to wipe the slate clean or close a financial deal. Pluto is the planet of power but when it’s involved with personal planets, it can be about issuing an ultimatum or making a decision that’s final.

The New Moon in Capricorn on the 13th also pulls Pluto into the planetary picture. Yes, a New Moon promises new beginnings but they stem or grow out of an ending when Pluto’s involved.

Set your money intentions on or around the New Moon but be aware that there could an added cost to new financial ventures. Try and think of the theme of closing one door in order to open a new door to help guide you.

For example, it might be plugging a financial black hole or stopping an ongoing payment. Alternatively, starting a new money-making venture in an area that’s not entirely of your choosing.

If you have done well financially in 2020 – and some people surely have – then this is a time to consider your next steps regarding money and this might include helping others.

The other planet to move through Capricorn from the 8th onwards is Venus, the planet of relating, linked to caring and kindness.

Aquarius Themes

Your planet Jupiter is now in Aquarius and the focus turns away from personal matters to issues within society and the wider world.

Aquarius is the star sign linked to the collective, it’s about community and all things local. If you’re involved in a new neighbourhood initiative, you’re in tune with your stars.

Talk planet Mercury enters Aquarius on the 8th followed by the Sun on the 19th and these themes kick in quickly in 2021.

This is your communication sector, ideal for marketing, promoting yourself, sales and collaboration. Reach out to others, go viral, get online and use modern technology to find your voice.

The luckiest dates are the 11th and 29th when your planet Jupiter teams up first with Mercury and then with the Sun. Look out for new opportunities or good news. This might be with regard to a sibling or neighbour or other people in your local community.

The Full Moon on the 28th highlights the Leo/Aquarius axis of the zodiac. This is the education axis of your horoscope so study and teaching could be foreground this month.

Get involved with other people, reach out and make new connections. Full Moons have a theme of illumination and lighting the way. Start a book, write a blog post, find your voice.

All Change

For some of you, this could be a month when you’re looking to find a way out of regular employment. Alternatively, you’re seeking freelance work or new online employment. These areas of your life could be lively mid-month.

Action planet Mars enters Taurus and your work and lifestyle sector on the 6th but really gets fired up on the 20th when Mars and rebellious Uranus unite. This is the time of the Jupiter-Uranus square aspect linking the star signs Aquarius and Taurus.

The theme is freedom and breaking away from close ties. Jupiter and Uranus are entrepreneurial planets, they embody risk-taking, vision, hope and faith.

You do need to be flexible, however, because change could come unexpectedly. Yet, you’re wise to embrace all things new this month as there’s no going back to the old ways.

Plus, it’s important that you work on new ideas and plans sooner rather than later. This is because on the 30th, communication planet Mercury turns retrograde and February will be more of an ‘inner’ than an ‘outer’ month. Get things moving fast in January.

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