Sagittarius January 2020

Sagittarius, lights

Sagittarius (23 November – 21 December)

Fire sign energy kicks in this month which is good news for you being one of the three fire signs. Yet, there are a few provisos before you leap into action and set off on your next big adventure.

Eclipse Season & Saturn-Pluto

This is because mid-month two major planetary events take place close to one another. Firstly, there’s a Full Moon or Lunar Eclipse in Cancer and your joint finance sector on the 10th.

Sometimes, eclipses coincide with dramatic events and can indicate a significant turning point. This is strong planetary energy with the focus firmly on your finances, your possessions and assets, your sense of self-value or self-worth.

Then, on the 12th, Saturn and Pluto make their major conjunction in Capricorn and your personal money sector. This is a tricky planetary combination and you’re wise to safeguard your finances and not be persuaded to part with your money. 

In fact, this is not a good time for major investments or signing a contract that affects you financially. Instead, there’s a theme of cutting your losses or turning your back on a project that isn’t working out.

The eclipse on the 10th is part of the Cancer/Capricorn eclipse cycle which began in July 2018 and continues until July 2020. Wherever you find the eclipses in your horoscope, this is where change happens. It doesn’t necessarily mean it’s good nor bad. What it often means is change, so that things look very different at the end of the eclipse season than they did at the beginning.

Some of you may find that money comes your way this month as your ruling planet, Jupiter, is also in Capricorn. However, be careful that money doesn’t come with strings attached from the 10th-13th. This is complex planetary activity when money and emotions are closely linked.

For example, this could mean you’re stuck in a situation where someone is trying to blackmail you or persuade you using money. Or perhaps, you’re up against the authorities and trying to work out how best to sort out your financial situation. 

This won’t be easy if you’re continually hitting a brick wall. The best case scenario is that you can put a debt situation behind you bringing you more freedom as you move forwards in to 2020, both at work and with regard to your finances.

Mars’ Power

The good news this month is the fact that you have action planet Mars storming through your star sign Sagittarius from the 3rd onwards. Mars remains in your star sign until mid-February. This highlights your personal aims, your image and profile. You want to be seen and be out in the world and whatever your chosen goal you can make swift progress.

Mars is a physical planet so this would be a good time to start a fitness plan or get proactive with your health or diet. When planets are in Sagittarius, you’re thinking about your body more than usual. Mars adds drive and stamina to the mix. This is excellent if you’re training for a marathon or you’re committed to regular exercise.

It’s also time to put yourself first and ensure that the world sees who you really are. You might be starting a campaign of self-promotion, perhaps linked to your business, or want to take on a more active role in world events. Your star sign Sagittarius is linked to truth and justice and you’re a natural freedom fighter.

Aquarius’ Excitement

There’s excitement in the air too because of a stack of planets in air sign Aquarius. Venus (relating) is here until the 13th, Mercury (communication) enters Aquarius on the 16th followed by the Sun (identity) four days later on the 20th.

Aquarius rules communication and ideas, it’s a buzzing and lively sector of your horoscope and this is an excellent time to study, learn something new and gain knowledge. Share your ideas with other people, make new friends and come together within your community to teach and study, offer wisdom and experience.

You may be on a social quest, keen to meet new people and extend your social circle. You might be throwing yourself into social media, so you can gather fans or followers for a project or business idea. 

Money may be an issue this month but there’s a lively vibe going on. Turn to other people to get the best advice. The New Moon in Aquarius on the 24th is pivotal in this respect when good news could come your way.

Home Moves

One journey you may decide to take this month is back home once Venus enters Pisces on the 13th. This may be a sentimental time for you when you take an emotional journey into your past. Home and family are under the cosmic spotlight and memories will stir deep within you. 

Alternatively, you could be dealing with practicalities around the house, sorting out the plumbing or building a pond in the garden. This is because Neptune is Pisces’ ruler, God of the Sea, and Neptune is prominent this month, on the 27th and 28th. Water and tears are Neptune’s realm and a family reunion or get-together will prove emotional.

This can be a heartfelt time but also potentially unsettling with Neptune in the mix. You may feel as if your foundations are shifting, as if you’re unsure where safety lies. Perhaps you have a clear sense that the past is ebbing away and you need to move on.

Events late January could provide clues as to what this means for you. Ensure you do what’s right for you at the same time as acknowledging where you’re from and your debt to the past.

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