Sagittarius January 2019


Sagittarius (23 November – 21 December)

The first month of the year brings a lot of lively planetary activity your way, even if it is eclipse month. The main reason why your stars look positive is because of what’s happening with your ruling planet, Jupiter.

Jupiter entered your star sign, Sagittarius, in November 2018 and it remains here until December 2019. Plus, this month, Jupiter is especially busy and makes some key planetary aspects.

Jupiter represents opportunity and growth. It’s linked to travel and study and, most importantly for you, it’s the planet of freedom. Now’s the time to spread your wings, move away from the past and embrace a bright new future. You might be heading off on your own or with someone close by your side. Either way, see this month as a chance to close a door, cut ties and be free.

Love is strong now too. This is because the planet of love and relating, Venus, joins Jupiter in your star sign, Sagittarius, on the 7th. Venus is the planet of love and money and represents the good things in life. When Venus is in your star  sign, this is the time to treat yourself. Turn your attention to your image and profile, as Venus is the planet of beauty.

You’re more attractive to others when you have Venus in your star sign. Therefore, if you’re looking for love, make new connections, ask for introductions and reach out to other people. Passion planet Mars is working for you this January too, as it enters Aries and your romance sector on the 1st, New Year’s Day.

This is gorgeous astrology for falling head-over-heels in love or reviving your sex life. Prioritise your close relationships this month and express yourself through your romantic encounters. Fire signs are enthusiastic and full of lust for life. The happier you are, the more you attract other people into your orbit.

As Mars in Aries is strong and dynamic, you might meet someone who’s daring and direct. If you’re in a relationship or married, encourage your other half to take a leading role. Mars teams up with your planet Jupiter on the 25th, a top date for love and Venus unites with Jupiter on the 22nd.

Both these dates feel fortunate and lucky for you. Love is the theme but this is also playful and celebratory astrology. In particular, Mars in Aries lights up the sector of your horoscope linked to children and pregnancy, creative projects, entertainment and fun. 

So, there’s plenty of opportunity to enjoy yourself in the month ahead. Be around people who inspire you and let others take the lead. Do what feels right for you and if you need support, ask for it.

One area where you do need to be cautious this month is money. This is because of the current emphasis in the star sign, Capricorn, ruling your personal money sector. This is about your possessions, your earnings, also your money values.

The key event is the Solar or New Moon eclipse which takes place in Capricorn on the 6th. There’s a hidden theme when eclipses take place. They often coincide with dramatic events or the unexpected, i.e things you didn’t see coming.

It’s in your money sector where change is likely, whether you’re in the process of negotiating a settlement, you’re reviewing your finances or your earnings or outgoings are about to change significantly. 

It’s a tough planetary line-up during the eclipse as the Sun and Moon are squashed between Saturn and Pluto, two of the tougher planets. This could mean you run in to the authorities or a dead end with regard to money or finances. It’s important to be realistic about what you can and can’t afford and your money situation, without giving in to fear.

If you need to put clear boundaries in place with regard to money or spending, this is the time to consider how you go about it. So, even though this is a lovely month to enjoy yourself, don’t spend a fortune doing so. Make the most of life without running up debt and avoid overly expensive activities. Sometimes, eclipses act as a wake-up call.

The second eclipse in January is a Lunar or Full Moon eclipse which takes place on the 21st. This completes the eclipse cycle which began in August 2016 and cuts across the Leo/Aquarius axis of the zodiac.

For you, this is about travel and study, learning and discovery. It’s an easier vibe than the restrictive astrology in Capricorn and Aquarius rules your communication sector. In fact, this eclipse could open up new opportunities for you or a conversation you have could be awakening or a revelation. 

This is because of the Venus-Jupiter alliance on the 22nd. This positive planetary influence the day after the eclipse could hand you a winning ticket. Any changes in your life could bring something better your way.

Finally, this month, there’s the start of a major planetary aspect between your ruler Jupiter and Neptune in Pisces. This is exact on the 13th and is a significant influence throughout 2019. It’s a square aspect but Jupiter and Neptune are friends, boundless and giving.

You might feel more emotional or sentimental during the Jupiter-Neptune vibe. Perhaps you’re taking a trip down memory lane or you’re reminiscing about the past. There’s a rootless feel to this combination in your horoscope, not wanting to put down roots or not wanting to lose what’s of value from your past. 

Go with the flow and see where this leads you. Live on a boat, move to the sea, spend time looking through old photos. Do whatever feels right for you personally.

Know that even though this month might bring things you don’t want or you’re not looking forward to, this is the start of a positive year for you. Jupiter in your star sign might take a while to bestow its blessings but start by expanding your horizons, spreading your wings and saying Yes to life. 

Trust and have faith. The 22nd, when Venus and Jupiter align in Sagittarius, could prove to be one of the best days this year.

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