Sagittarius Horoscope October 2023

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As October gets underway, you’re being called out into the world. This is because the Sun’s in Libra and your friendship and group sector until the 23rd. Talk planet Mercury is here from the 5th to the 22nd and action planet Mars is in Libra until the 12th. 

You may have a strong drive to make new friends, join a group, club or society or become more involved with society as a whole. This fits the truth-loving side of your nature. You often like to do your bit for society, whether political, environmental, humanitarian or any other worthwhile or good cause.

This is a two-way deal, thanks to the star sign Libra. Be there for friends and bring laughter and lightness to other peoples’ lives. In return, ask for help and advice when it’s needed. Team up with others to benefit one another and ensure the Libra scales remain well-balanced.

Solar Eclipse Aries

There’s powerful activity in Libra on the 14th when there’s a New Moon Solar Eclipse in this same sector of your horoscope. This is the start of a new eclipse cycle which began in April 2023 and lasts until March 2025.

The eclipses are cutting across the Aries/Libra axis of the zodiac. For you, this is about your social life, your group interactions and your relationship with children and loved ones. 

Yet, as power planet Pluto’s pulled into the Solar Eclipse, there’s a theme of endings as well as new beginnings. Perhaps, you’re cutting ties from a friendship group or the door shuts closed behind you. Alternatively, someone new comes into your life and impacts your next steps in a powerful way.

You are, however, wise to be wary around loaning money or getting involved with a rich crowd. This is because Pluto’s currently in Capricorn and your money sector. Consider carefully what you get involved in financially and think things through logically and rationally.

Pluto is powerful this month because it turns direct on the 11th, three days before the eclipse. Plus, Pluto is square to the Sun and Mercury in Libra on the 21st. This may be a date to say no rather than yes.

Notice where money’s potentially disappearing and try not to let negativity block the flow of abundance. This would be a good time to raise your vibe, whatever that means for you. Actively include positive affirmations in your life and try not to allow fear or scarcity to take hold. 

Scorpio Season

The Sun moves into Scorpio and the most hidden sector of your horoscope on the 23rd. Yet, Scorpio season begins early this month. Here’s what’s happening:

Planets in Scorpio:

  • Mars (action/drive) – from October 12th
  • Mercury (communication) – from October 22nd
  • Sun (identity) – from October 23rd

The Sun enters Scorpio on the 23rd, one day after talk planet Mercury changes star sign. Yet, action planet Mars is in Scorpio from mid-month onwards. This is taking you deep into your psyche and your inner world. This might be a great time for therapy, a period of research or honing your psychic skills. 

When planets are in Scorpio, you often immerse yourself in self-analysis, go on a spiritual journey or you’re in preparation for what lies ahead. In brief, this suggests that the important work you do now is on yourself. Turn your attention inwards and delve deep within.

Also this month, there’s a powerful Mercury-Mars conjunction in Scorpio on the 29th. This combination is great for walking (Mars) your talk (Mercury). This could be ditching stress or breaking free from an emotional tie that binds you.

Plus, both Mercury and Mars are opposed by your ruling planet Jupiter in Taurus and your work and health sector on the 28th & 29th. There’s a theme of freedom when Jupiter’s active.

Therefore, a job or contract could come to an end on this month. Or, perhaps you’re the one expanding your life and embracing adventure. You may surprise other people by your decisions towards the end of the month.

Lunar Eclipse

There’s an additional factor involved, as there’s a second eclipse on the 28th. This Full Moon Lunar Eclipse is part of the eclipse cycle cutting across the Taurus/Scorpio axis of the zodiac. This is the final eclipse in a two year cycle which began in November 2021.

This is about your work and health and being of service to others. These are the key areas under the eclipse spotlight. Sometimes, during an eclipse, an unexpected event signifies the need for change.

Also, during a Lunar eclipse, you may be caught up in a competitive situation. Things could change fast and it might be tricky trying to keep up with a shifting landscape, perhaps on a daily basis.

Keep close tabs on your health and well-being and aim to lower your stress levels. If you work in an environment where you’re dealing with angry people or frustration, for example, this could take its toll.

Do your bit to help others, to listen and counsel but don’t take on the woes of the world. This is especially important if you don’t have a lot of energy and you’re starting to feel tired or worn out. If so, stop and turn inwards, rest and retreat. Put your health and well-being first. Heal the healer.

Rest of the Month’s Astrology

It’s a big month when eclipses take place. Yet, the events at the start of October are equally significant.

Firstly, talk planet Mercury leaves Virgo and your career and future sector. This takes place on the 5th and could help you make sense of a disruptive or confusing couple of months in this key area of your life. Mercury turned retrograde in Virgo, so put things to rights as the month begins.

Also, the planet of love and relating Venus leaves Leo on the 9th, where she’s been since June 2023. You may have been involved in a complicated love affair, perhaps with someone who lives abroad or someone you know through higher education.

What were the lessons you learned while Venus dived deep into the underworld? Do you have a better idea of where you’re heading and why? Venus moves into Virgo on the 9th helping to smooth over any troubled waters in your career and vocational sector.

Eclipse Do’s & Don’ts

It’s a double whammy of eclipses this month. The Aries/Libra eclipse cycle continues while the Taurus/Scorpio eclipse cycle comes to an end. Here are some eclipse tips:

  • Try not to fear an eclipse – they are a reminder that you’re not in control.
  • Ideally, don’t choose an eclipse date to launch a project or start something new.
  • Wait a few days after an eclipse before taking action. Eclipse symbolism is shadowy and hidden.
  • Once the eclipse shadow lifts, then you can aim to take advantage of any changes that have occurred.
  • Know that eclipses are closely linked to the karmic nodes and wheel of destiny – they often act as a signpost or turning point.

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