Sagittarius Horoscope November 2022

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Ruling Planets

Your ruling planet is Jupiter, the biggest planet in the universe and the best planet in astrology. Jupiter’s linked to growth and expansion and is a reminder that luck is an attitude.

When you have a big vision, you’re willing to take risks and you believe in what you’re doing, then luck and good fortune are more likely to come your way. The flip side of Jupiter can be grandiosity, arrogance and believing that you’re always right.

Scorpio Season

There’s more on Jupiter later in your horoscope but firstly, it’s Scorpio season. The Sun is here until the 22nd alongside Mercury (communication) and Venus (relating).

Scorpio is the star sign before Sagittarius and this is taking you deep into your psyche and inner world. This might be a good time for therapy, a period of research or honing your psychic skills. 

When planets are in Scorpio, you may immerse yourself in self-analysis, go on a spiritual journey or be preparing for what lies ahead.

In brief, this indicates that the important work you do now is on yourself. Turn your attention inwards and delve deep within. The work you put in over the next couple of months could reap you rewards in 2023.

Lunar Eclipse

This is eclipse season too. Last month’s New Moon or Solar Eclipse took place in Scorpio on October 25th and this month’s Full Moon or Lunar Eclipse in Taurus takes place on the 8th. Both eclipses are cutting across the Taurus/Scorpio axis of the zodiac. This eclipse cycle will complete in October 2023.

This is about your work and health and being of service to others. These are the key areas under the eclipse spotlight. Sometimes during an eclipse, an unexpected event signifies the need for change. There’s a theme of endings.

Alternatively, with a Lunar Eclipse, you may be caught up in a competitive situation. During the period from the 5th to the 11th, things might be changing fast and it could be tricky trying to keep up with everything shifting, perhaps on a daily basis.

Therefore, it’s imperative to keep close tabs on your health and well-being. If you work in an environment where you’re dealing with angry people or frustration, this could take its toll. There may be challenges in your local community or an issue with a sibling or neighbour that triggers bad feelings.

Ideally, do your bit to help others, to listen and counsel but don’t take on the woes of the world. This is important if you don’t have a lot of energy and you’re starting to feel tired or worn out. If so, stop and turn inwards, rest and retreat. Put your health and well-being first.

During the eclipse, unpredictable Uranus sits next to the Moon in Taurus. Therefore, the theme of change and surprise runs deep. You may want to rebel and leave your job or act impulsively.

Be wary, however, and don’t do anything that would damage your situation. As a Sagittarius, you can sometimes be accident prone and these Uranus clashes are warning you to slow down.

This could be about ditching stress or breaking free from a tie that binds you. There’s a possibility that a job or contract could come to an end. Or, perhaps you’re the one cutting ties. You may surprise other people by your decisions. Ideally, wait a few days after the eclipse before making any big decisions.

Also, both the Sun & Moon are squared by Saturn in Aquarius and your communication sector during the eclipse. This feels like not being able to speak up or speak out. Alternatively, you might be up against the authorities, a parental figure or someone disapproving. 

This eclipse triggers the Saturn-Uranus square that was the major planetary aspect of 2021. These two planets came into square aspect again in mid-2022 and they’re only now starting to separate.

Saturn represents rules & regulations, while Uranus represents freedom & liberation. The symbolism means that something may have to break down in order for you to break free or break through. Consider what the symbolism might mean for you.

Jupiter Joy

Once the eclipse is over, there’s a flow within your astrology. This is because the inner planets in Scorpio align with your planet Jupiter in Pisces on the 15th, 16th & 21st. These are potentially lucky dates for you.

Jupiter switched star sign at the end of October and is completing its journey through the last sign of the zodiac Pisces. Jupiter was here from May to July 2021 and the first half of 2022. The next two months represent some kind of completion.

Jupiter’s move through Pisces turns the spotlight towards your home and family, your past and your roots. When Jupiter’s in this sector of your horoscope, it’s a classic time to move home or expand where you live. 

With Jupiter’s foreign theme, you may be planning a trip abroad or be meeting family who live in another part of the country. There might be a family celebration. Or, you catch up with people from your past and remember your roots and where you come from. 

This could be a time when you expand your family, whether via your children, an adoption, the addition of a step family or community living. And, as Jupiter rules freedom, you can’t rule out someone in your family fleeing the nest.

Jupiter works in synchronous ways so it’s important that you put yourself in its path. Say yes to any new opportunity that opens up. Look out for signs and coincidences on or around the 23rd – see below.

Sagittarius Season

The inner planets begin to depart Scorpio and enter your star sign Sagittarius on the 16th & 17th. The major turning point for you comes on the 22nd when the Sun enters your star sign. This is great news for you and it may feel as if you’re coming out of the dark (Scorpio) and into the light (Sagittarius).

It’s time to be less introvert and more extrovert, to focus on life out in the world and less on sensitive issues. Aim for balance in your life and do whatever makes you feel good. Line up a party or celebration and aim to heal a rift if you’ve fallen out with someone.

The stand-out date for you this month, and possibly in the whole of the year, is the 23rd. Not only is this the date that your ruling planet Jupiter turns direct picking up speed and power but there’s a powerful New Moon in your star sign Sagittarius.

A New Moon is a symbol of new beginnings, an ideal time to put the past behind you and start afresh. There may be good news for love. Or, perhaps you have a sense that you’re back on track with your personal goals.

It’s important to add that action planet Mars is now retrograde in Gemini and your opposite star sign. Gemini rules relationships in your life. Ideally, turn the focus away from other people and more towards yourself.

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