Sagittarius Horoscope June 2022

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Turning Points

This could out to be an exciting month. As June begins, talk planet Mercury turns direct in Taurus and your work and health sector on the 3rd. If things have been chaotic in April & May or you’ve been waiting on information regarding your work or health, this could be a significant shift for you.

When Mercury’s back up to speed, it’s an ideal time to chase up a job, renegotiate terms and set new intentions around your health and lifestyle. You could get test results back or be able to finalise a health or doctor’s appointment.

The planet of relating Venus is in Taurus until the 23rd and this is about embracing life’s simple pleasures. It’s a good time to ask for help and support. Buddy up with a friend if you want to boost your fitness levels and ensure you have a good team around you at work.

Even though you’re one of the fire signs, you often benefit when you embrace the slow life and enjoy gardening, cooking and regular habits that help to ground you.

Sagittarius Full Moon

It’s important to keep your everyday life steady because a lot of your astrology this month suggests excitement but also strong emotions.

This may peak during a powerful Full Moon in your star sign Sagittarius on the 14th. Full Moons heighten emotions. They can be dramatic and celebratory and often coincide with culmination and fulfilment.

If you’re celebrating a wedding or anniversary close to this date, you’re in tune with your stars. Alternatively, you may be revisiting the past, be meeting up with family who live far away or be on a sentimental journey. It may be emotional but also a release and a chance to let go.

The planet Neptune is currently in Pisces at the base of your horoscope and active during the Full Moon period. You could feel rootless as if you’re standing on shifting sand. You may be living on a boat or be keen to spend time by water.

Or, perhaps there are other reasons why you don’t feel secure or rooted some of the time. Life could feel precarious because of changes at home or within your family. Trust your intuition during the Full Moon in knowing which way to turn.

Loving Relations

Also this month, love is in the ascendancy. As June begins, the Sun is in Gemini and your relationship sector until the 21st, the day of the Solstice. Plus, your partner planet Mercury re-enters Gemini on the 13th. If a relationship has gone quiet, it’s likely to be back with a bang as June continues.

There’s more because of what’s happening with the lovers of the heavens, Venus and Mars. Venus enters Gemini and your relationship sector on the 23rd where she remains until mid-July. Plus, passion planet Mars is in Aries and your romance sector throughout June.

This confirms that June could be a top month for you regarding love and relationships, both personal and professional. Keep your options open, be open-minded, flirtatious and spontaneous.

Plus, you have that stunning Full Moon cutting across the relationship axis of your horoscope on the 14th. It’s in the personal arena where life could take an exciting turn.

Jupiter Vibes

To add to the mix, your ruling planet Jupiter is also in Aries. Lucky dates for love are the 20th and 29th when Jupiter’s in action.

It’s not only about love and romance, however, as Jupiter in Aries is about the things in life you give birth to. This could be the arrival of a baby or news of a pregnancy. It’s also a link to your creative source, your skills and talents, your personal gifts.

Find your passion this month, whether it’s another person or that one thing in life you love doing more than anything else. Dive deep into your creativity and line up some fun and entertainment too.

Money Matters

Finally, the Sun’s move into Cancer on the 21st and the day of the Solstice may be a time to turn your attention to money. This is because Cancer ruless your joint finance sector, your resources and money connections.

There’s a New Moon here on the 29th, an ideal date to set your intentions around money. You might be keen to make more, you may want to pay off a debt or invest your money wisely. One way or another, it’s time to balance the books and focus on your financial security for you and your family.

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