Sagittarius Horoscope January 2023

2023, Sagittarius horoscope January 2023

Happy New Year

As the year begins, there’s no rush. Two important planets remain retrograde until mid-January and it’s not a time to rush into big decisions. Instead, you’re wise to mull things over in your life, especially regarding money and relationships.

Full Moon/Mercury Direct

On the 6th, there’s a powerful Full Moon taking place that cuts across the Cancer/Capricorn axis of the zodiac. This is the financial axis of your horoscope and a Full Moon can bring clarity to any confusion. It’s a time when your head and heart are in unison and you can trust your intuition.

Don’t avoid money matters on or around the Full Moon and do look at ways of finding solutions to any finance-related issue or problem. One planet that’s helping is spontaneous Uranus currently in Taurus and your work and lifestyle sector.

Uranus is the planet of freedom and favours freelance work, consulting or contracts. You may be able to find a way to free up your time during the Full Moon phase, perhaps to benefit your health or well-being. There’s an indication that when you slow down, then you can find a way to speed up.

Even though ideas may come thick and fast on or around the Full Moon, ideally you’re wise to wait until Mercury turns direct in Capricorn on the 18th before making any major decision.

Mercury’s been on go slow in your personal money sector since December 29, 2022 and events back then may prove pivotal for what’s happening now.

When Mercury’s in retreat, things are hidden from you and you don’t always make the best decisions. Listen out for information or news that could help bring clarity to money matters on or around the 18th.

It’s a good date to make a clear decision about finances in general. And yes, this may mean paying off a debt or cutting your losses so you can break free from a financial tie.

Mars Direct

The other planet that turns direct this month is action planet Mars. Mars turned retrograde in your opposite star sign Gemini and your relationship sector on October 30, 2022. Therefore, Mars has been in retreat in Gemini for the last couple of months.

Sometimes, this means that a partner goes quiet on you. Alternatively, you’re involved in an argument or ongoing disagreement. It’s a tricky Mars retrograde in Gemini and flags up misunderstandings and possible wrong-doings.

Therefore, you may be more than relieved once Mars switches direction on the 12th. At the very least it could give you a chance to clear the air and express any misgivings. You might not like what you hear but at least you can start to deal with a relationship issue. Mars is a strong and powerful influence and you’re wise to keep your friends close, your enemies closer still.

Alternatively, you could find that someone else steps in to help you out. Gemini rules all forms of partnership in your life and any significant one-to-one relationship. This could be a coach, a therapist, an expert or adviser. Get the right people on your side and you can start to make progress.

Mars remains in Gemini until March 25th potentially bringing more passion & excitement your way. Certainly, this could be a lively month for love and relationships with your ruling planet Jupiter in fire sign Aries and your romance sector.

Jupiter’s active on the 4th & the 25th which could be stand-out dates for love. This favours online dating if you’re seeking a relationship and it’s an ideal time to be flirtatious, chatty and fun.

Aquarius Themes

This is also the theme of Venus in Aquarius. The planet of relating is in your communication sector from the 3rd to the 27th. You may line up a New Year resolution to be more friendly and get to know people better on your daily commute, your neighbours or people you meet close to home.

Aquarius is the star sign linked to the collective. It’s about community and all things local, society and the wider world. If you’re involved in a new neighbourhood initiative, you’re in tune with your stars.

The Sun joins Venus in Aquarius on the 20th and almost immediately there’s a lively New Moon here on the 21st. A New Moon is a symbol of new beginnings and a great time to launch a project or initiate a new venture.

This is your communication sector. Therefore, it’s ideal for marketing, promotion, sales and collaboration. Reach out to other people, go viral, get online and use modern technology to find your voice.

Look out for new opportunities or good news. This might be in relation to a sibling or neighbour or other people in your local community.

This is the education sector of your horoscope so study and teaching could be foreground this month. In January, get involved with other people, reach out and make new connections. Start a book, set up a website and find your voice.

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