Sagittarius December 2017

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Sagittarius (23 November – 21 December)

December is your birthday month and the Sun remains in Sagittarius until the 21st. If you’re a typical Sagittarius, you’re a hedonist at heart and it’s fitting that you celebrate your birthday during one of the most festive months of the year.

For many Sagittarius individuals, the run up to the holidays is the perfect excuse to party, celebrate and enjoy yourself, not only on your birthday itself but any other invitation that comes your way. In fact, there’s a lot of opportunity this month to go out and have a good time, if that’s what you choose.

Be spontaneous in the month ahead and line up some fun events, whether you’re hanging out with your children, catching up with your friends or taking in the sights and sounds in the city. Any form of entertainment is well-starred, particularly on the 15th, 16th and 20th.

The 18th is also a top date for you because this is when there’s a glorious New Moon in your star sign, Sagittarius. The New Moon is the symbolic start of a new chapter in your life and there’s more reason than one why this fits in perfectly with December’s theme, as you’ll read shortly. Launch the new you on the 18th, raise your profile and let people know who you are and what you’re about.

In addition, the planet of relating Venus enters your star sign Sagittarius on the 1st where it remains until the 25th. Venus in Sagittarius boosts your popularity factor and makes you the star sign of the moment. Ensure you look good to make the most of Venus’ attractive nature and divide your time equally between schmoozing influential types and wooing admirers to wine and dine you.

When it comes to love, the most important date is the 3rd when there’s a Full Moon cutting across the Gemini/Sagittarius axis of the zodiac. This is a time when emotions are heightened and you see your situation clearly. There’s a romantic vibe to this Full Moon, although any relationship is unlikely to be straightforward or simple for much of December.

There are a couple of reasons for this. Firstly, communication planet Mercury is retrograde, i.e. on go slow from December 3rd to 23rd. This is important because Mercury is your partner planet. Someone may go quiet on you during this period or perhaps you and a loved one are apart physically.

Traditionally, Mercury retrograde is a time of misunderstandings and the truth is only revealed once Mercury turns direct in the heavens. Don’t put a lot of pressure on a relationship at this time but instead focus on you and your own ambitions. You can certainly enjoy love, if you’re willing to keep things light, but don’t dive in deep if you’re not ready or you sense the timing isn’t great.

Also, passion planet Mars enters Scorpio and the most hidden sector of your horoscope on the 9th and this often flags up an affair or unrequited feelings. Add this to Mercury retrograde and you only get the true picture in the last week of December.

Mars joins your ruling planet Jupiter in Scorpio and on the 3rd, there’s a glorious planetary connection between Jupiter and Neptune in Pisces. Pisces rules your home and family, your past and where you come from and this is a lovely time to take a trip down memory lane or to allow your emotions to flow.

There’s a sentimental vibe to this planetary combination and home is where the heart is. Find your place in life, whether you come home to yourself or you seek out somewhere that brings you solace and comfort on a deep level.

The big news in December, however, is the fact that you’re gearing up for a momentous planetary event, the departure of Saturn from your star sign Sagittarius on the 20th. Saturn is the opposite of your ruling planet Jupiter.

Saturn veers towards the negative, whereas Jupiter prefers a positive perspective on life. Where Saturn says No, Jupiter says Yes. Saturn is renowned as the taskmaster of the heavens and has been in your star sign since December 2014.

The plus side of Saturn is commitment and responsibility, but for many Sagittarius individuals, Saturn’s been a heavy weight to bear. If you’ve been under the weather, under the cosh or simply under par, life should start to feel easier and breezier in December.

It is important, however, to take an honest look at the last couple of years and see where things have changed and what you want to do differently. You may need to complete a chapter in your life and create some form of ritual so you can say goodbye to Saturn properly before you move on.

It’s about metaphorically closing a door and with the Sun, representing the ego, by Saturn’s side on the 21st, it’s about having an important conversation with yourself. What better to time to let go of lack or hardship and look forward to brighter skies than at the end of one year and the beginning of a new year.

Saturn has to go somewhere and the area of your life that does require your focus moving forward is money. Saturn moves into Capricorn and your money sector on the 20th and will remain here until 2020. In fact, you might recognise what commitments you need to make with regard to money during the festivities and over the holiday period.

This is when Saturn is particularly powerful, even on the 25th, when it teams up with the planet of relating, Venus. Conversations about money are key during this period and whatever issue you need to address, start negotiations sooner rather than later.

With Saturn in Capricorn, this is about planning for the future so draw up a business plan, track your budget and get on top of money matters. Don’t fritter money away but consider where it goes, where you can potentially save money and what will help you invest in your future or feel more safe and secure financially. This is where you need a ‘get real’ attitude, when it comes to finances, money-making and improving your income.

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