Sagittarius Christmas Horoscope 2016

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SAGITTARIUS (22 November-21 December)

There’s a shift in energy from Monday 19th December. Action planet Mars leaves behind the sociable sign of Aquarius and enters watery Pisces, the sign at the base of your chart.

Pisces rules your home and family, your past and where you come from. Mars is a passionate energy but can indicate arguments or too much activity. It could be a fast-paced run up to Christmas with Mars in this sector of your chart.

In addition, communication planet Mercury turns retrograde on December 19th in Capricorn and your personal money sector. Hopefully you’ve done all your Christmas shopping by now and you’re ready to sit back and review your financial situation.

Mercury remains on go slow until January 8th 2017 so the end of this year and the beginning of the next are a fine time to go over your finances and in detail. Don’t leave anything out of the equation either. This is the time for an important overview, a look at where you’re heading financially.

Know too that with Mercury on go slow, there might be a delay around money, a payment that doesn’t arrive on time. Be prepared for this if necessary.

In addition, the period between Christmas and New Year looks creative for money matters. There’s some positive astrology linking the money and home and family sectors of your chart. This could mean helping one another out financially or making plans to reduce expenses at home or with regard to where you live.

The New Moon on December 29th points the way forward and this is a good date to make some new agreements about money and finances, especially with the ones you love.

The major astrology over Christmas looks pivotal for you because your ruling planet Jupiter is in the mix. Jupiter in Libra and your friendship sector opposes Uranus in Aries and your fun sector. In addition, Saturn in your sign of Sagittarius makes a supportive connection to both planets.

So this indicates that you’re leaning on other people now or taking support from others in some way. If you need or want your friends around you over Christmas, make it happen. If there are too many arguments with family or people from your past, hook up with people who know you well and can make you laugh.

You may choose to be part of a group or collective now working together to help children or society in some way. If you are, your Christmas activities will be hugely successful.

It’s important to do what you want over this festive season as much as you are able to. You might be making a super human effort to visit kids or be unhappy that you’re having to spend some time away from your kids. Uranus in Aries springs the unexpected and Uranus is especially lively on December 29th.

Romance too is part of the picture for you although the astrology doesn’t indicate a steady time by any means. You might be grabbing sweet moments when you can or be juggling a hectic festive schedule trying to find time for everyone.

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