Sagittarius April 2019

Sagittarius, hot air balloon

Sagittarius (23 November – 21 December)

The first half of April turns your attention towards private matters and your close connections with family and loved ones. Last month, March, communication planet, Mercury, was retrograde in Pisces and your home and family sector. This can muddy the waters, whether you’re lost in a wave of emotion or confused due to miscommunication.

Footsteps In The Sand

Mercury remains in Pisces until the 17th. Also, at the start of April, Mercury remains close to Neptune, Pisces’ co-ruler. This feels sentimental for you, drawing you back towards the past. You may be acutely aware of the footsteps in the sand, leading you from your beginnings to where you are now.

Be open-hearted during this period and know that this is a key time to heal any rifts. Pisces is a star sign linked to forgiveness. Plus, the planet of relating, Venus, joins Mercury in Pisces up until the 20th. Family and past connections are strong during this period, so make the most of this gentle and beneficial influence.

Self-Reflection & Preparation

There may be a situation in your life that feels intensely personal, something that changes the way you see yourself. Your planet, Jupiter, is currently in your star sign, Sagittarius, meaning that the focus is on you. This month on the 10th, Jupiter turns retrograde at 24 degrees Sagittarius and will retreat through the zodiac until mid-August when it turns direct at 14 degrees Sagittarius.

Therefore, this could be the start of a key period of reflection. You might be keen to learn more about yourself. Perhaps, your desire to see the world or save the world kicks in. 

Something you start now is the beginning of a planning period that lasts for the next few months. Come September, you’ll be ready to launch your course, your insights and share your knowledge and the wisdom you’ve gained.

The period from the 10th to the 15th is full of Jupiter activity and especially lively for you. It would be a gorgeous time to take a trip into your past or to get together with your wider family. 

This is where learning comes in waves and your own big-hearted generosity could make a real difference to someone else’s life.  Your close connections are deep and meaningful in the month ahead.

Fiery Seeds & Excitement

Also, in April, positive fire sign energy is literally bursting out. After March’s retrograde phase, now’s the time to get ahead. The Sun is in Aries up until the 20th and there’s a New Moon here on the 5th. 

This is an excellent time to throw yourself into life and set a positive intention to look on the bright side. This is the Sagittarius nature. If you’re true to your star sign, you seek out the silver lining in every cloud and use any setbacks as a learning experience. 

Aries is the most creative sector of your horoscope. It’s about children, also your creative projects. Sow seeds during this time and they can flourish and grow. Set new intentions in April to do more of what you love and embrace the good times.

If you want to get pregnant or you’re keen to adopt a child, this would be a great month to try. It’s a positive month to focus on the younger generation and encourage them to find their Yes to life.

Two more planets join Aries later in April, talk planet Mercury on the 17th and Venus, the planet of relating, on the 20th. This is an excitable combination which coincides with the Full Moon cutting across the Aries-Libra axis of the zodiac on the 19th.

This Full Moon is gorgeous for falling in love or enjoying a celebration. Libra rules friends in your horoscope, so get together with people who mean a lot to you. Have a girls’ weekend or catch up with your nearest and dearest.

The Aries influence is stoking the fires of love. You not only have the love planet, Venus, in your romance sector from the 20th but passion planet, Mars, is in Gemini your relationship sector throughout April. 

The Path Of Love

These are two huge clues on where to focus your energy. This could turn out to be a big month for love and relationships, whether you’re rekindling relations or running off with someone new. 

Gemini rules communication and Aries is fiery and quick. From the 17th onwards, you may find that your debates are fast and furious. Conversations could blow up quickly and there’s an opportunity to clear the air. You might experience more arguments than usual but at least you’re getting to sort things out rather than hide what you’re feeling.

Slowing It Down

There is some key earth sign activity this month, which is a very different feel to what’s happening elsewhere. The Sun enters earth sign Taurus on the 20th. Think about what this means for you and why there’s a reason to start prioritising your work and routine, your lifestyle and health. 

Sometimes, it’s easier to enjoy life when the basics are in place and you don’t have to worry about money or where you’re going to live. If you’ve not been on a steady path recently, ensure this is a priority. Set new daily habits in place that help calm your mind, care for your body and feed your soul.

This is especially important because, on the 22nd, the Sun meets Uranus, the planet of change, which entered Taurus last month. Events on or around the 22nd may show you where change is likely or needed. 

Uranus brings the unexpected. There may be another reason why it’s important for you to look after your health, immerse yourself in nature and embrace what nourishes you.

The Sun/Uranus conjunction could bring changes to your job or lifestyle. You may choose to go freelance under this combination, work part-time or move a business on-line. It’s exciting too as you never know what Uranus is going to bring. Look out for a new work opportunity.

Money is also under the cosmic spotlight but in a weird way. You have two of the slower-moving planets, Pluto and Saturn, currently in Capricorn and your personal money sector. Their influence is strong this month as Pluto conjoins with the karmic south node on the 4th and Saturn meets the south node on the 30th. Plus, both planets turn retrograde, Pluto on the 24th and Saturn on the 30th.

Be careful of falling back into automatic behaviour during these key transits. The south node is your comfort zone, but not necessarily what’s good for you. You may experience the wheel of destiny turning as the theme of karma is strong. Keep on the right side of authority and protect your reputation.

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