Sagittarius April 2017


Sagittarius (22 November – 21 December)

The Sun is in your fellow fire sign of Aries as the month begins and this is good news for you. Aries rules one of the most fun sectors of your chart linked to play, entertainment, creativity and romance.

There’s a child-like quality to the sign of Aries and you may be more than ready to let your hair down and enjoy yourself. Hang out with your kids or grand-kids to inspire you or line up some events and get-togethers with friends.

The social side of life could be a positive outlet for you at the moment. If you’ve been away from the social scene for whatever reason, you might now feel ready to get out and about and forget about any personal worries for a while.

Yet there is a stop-start feel to this month’s astrology and it’s important to realise that not all your plans will work out. This is because there are two personal planets retrograde in April. The planet of love and relating, Venus, is on go slow until the 15th and communication planet Mercury is on go slow from April 10th to May 3rd.

It’s always important to keep your schedule flexile when there’s a retrograde influence and understand that you can’t always rely on other people. Venus rules relating and Mercury is your partner planet, so enjoy yourself but don’t put all your eggs in one basket. Ensure you have a wide circle of friends and associates to keep you happy.

This could also be a complex month for love and relationships. Venus has been retrograde in Aries and your romance sector since March 4th but leaves here on the 3rd. Yet Mercury picks up the Aries baton on the 20th, also in retrograde motion.

Sometimes this suggests that love comes and goes or there’s a stop-start feel to romance. Here too it’s wise to be flexible. Plus, there are other planetary factors why it’s best to be less attached rather than more. The Full Moon on the 11th cuts across the Aries/Libra axis of the zodiac and this is an important Full Moon for you.

On the one hand, it suggests a party or celebration, a chance to have fun. Yet on the other hand, it pulls in the Jupiter-Uranus-Pluto T-square that dominates the heavens for much of 2017 so there’s a lot going on during this period.

If you know you have a hedonistic side to your nature, this is when you’ll be in full flow. Your ruling planet is Jupiter and its connection to Uranus indicates that anything goes. You might find yourself caught up in a triangle situation, whether your behaviour upsets a friend or it’s someone close to you who goes over the top.

So be aware of this and keep clear boundaries in place so as not to fall out with a group of friends or someone close. Yet at the same time, if you know you need to enjoy yourself and it’s important to you, forget what other people think for now and do what’s right for you.

There’s a love spark in the second half of the month as well, when spontaneous Uranus ignites the Sun on the 14th and Mercury on the 28th. This could be when a new love relationship bursts into flower and it’s a lively combination for romance.

Plus the planet of passion Mars enters Gemini and your relationship sector on the 21st where it remains until June 4th. So relationships are going to become more important to you as the month progresses and even though you may not know exactly where you stand until mid-May, it’s a positive period to actively engage with your 1-to-1’s.

If you’re in a relationship or married, there may be other factors to take into account. Love planet Venus retreats back into Pisces and your home and family sector on the 3rd where it remains until the 28th. Venus was in Pisces in January and early February so this could trigger events back then.

The turning point comes over the Easter weekend as Venus turns direct on Saturday 15th. This would be a wonderful time to spend with family or the people closest to you. There’s a theme of forgiveness with Venus in Pisces and it’s a lovely time to connect.

Yet notice too whether there’s an imbalance of giving and receiving this month, especially when it comes to family or the people you live with. Saturn in your sign of Sagittarius clashes with Venus on the 8th and 21st.

This can flag up a disappointment or it may mean that you need to set new guidelines in place. If you’re doing too much for others or you want to rein in your emotions, do what’s necessary to look after yourself as well as others.

Your work and health also matter this month with key planets in the steady earth sign of Taurus. You need strong foundations now, whether this is a regular job or daily habits that help you feel grounded and secure.

Communication planet Mercury turns retrograde in Taurus on the 10th so don’t take work or a job for granted now. Prove that you can be steady and reliable, even if and especially if other people are behaving the opposite.

The 20th is a good date to talk work or health when the Sun and Mercury unite and the 26th is a lovely date to apply for a job or set new work or lifestyle intentions. This is the day of a New Moon in Taurus, perfect for starting something new that benefits you on a daily level.

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