Roger Federer: Return Of The King

Roger FedererI love Roger Federer. He’s only just gone and won his 7th Wimbledon title making himself extremely unpopular with most of the UK beating Brit Andy Murray but extremely popular with me, as I predicted he’d win Wimbledon 2012 back in March of this year.

I always have a little bet on my sports predictions so I’m also £50 better off this morning.

What makes me so excited, however, is the fact that the astrology that predicted his win was so simple and obvious (admittedly, you have to know your astrological techniques) and more importantly shows that astrology works.

Federer is a Leo, the royal sign and Leo’s zodiac symbol, the Lion, is King of the jungle. After yesterday’s epic win, I saw a banner unfurled in the tennis audience that read “Return of the King”, fitting for a Sun Leo.

So what was the astrology that shouted out winner? Here’s his chart:

Roger Federer astrology chart
Roger Federer, August 8 1981, 8:40am CED, Basel, Switzerland

You don’t often hear Federer’s Leo roar and he is one of the coolest and most composed players on the circuit, shown by his Scorpio Moon, keeping his emotions hidden. This is his steely focus and ability to concentrate so intently. He is probably the most gifted and talented player the world has ever seen and he places the ball beautifully. With a Virgo Ascendant and Gemini on the Midheaven, it’s Mercury next to his Sun Leo, which gives him dexterity and an eye for detail and precision.  He’s a class act and like all Leos knows how to win.

The Midheaven is the point at the top of the astrology chart and Federer’s Midheaven is at 6:09 Gemini. This is the success point in a chart, it’s where you ride high and achieve and in the chart for the Wimbledon final, Jupiter, planet of success and opportunity, was at 5:50 Gemini, almost exactly on Federer’s Midheaven. As it takes Jupiter 12 years to circle the zodiac, this event doesn’t happen every day and Jupiter was so close to his Midheaven on the day of the final that this looked to me like Roger Federer lifting high the Wimbledon trophy one more time.  A simple piece of astrology and a master tennis player at work.

The Wimbledon blog posts have been great fun this year especially with the added input from astrologer Joanna Watters who rightly predicted that as Wimbledon started on the Uranus-Pluto square, the favourite wouldn’t win. She was spot on and, in fact, the no. 1 and no. 2 seeds didn’t make the final in either the mens’ or the womens’ singles final.

We only found out Andy Murray’s time of birth two days before the final and were astonished to see that he has almost the exact same Midheaven as Federer at 7:46 Gemini. Here’s his chart:

Andy Murray astrology chart
Andy Murray, May 15 1987, 2:10pm BST, Glasgow UK

With an identical Virgo Ascendant and Gemini Midheaven, Murray’s Mercury is powerful, strong in its own sign of Gemini conjunct the Midheaven. Technically speaking, Federer was the stronger of the two because Jupiter was closer to his Midheaven on the day. However, with Mercury, planet of communication, dominant, and Jupiter culminating its 12 year cycle at the top of Murray’s chart, let’s not forget that Murray has rewritten history becoming the first Brit to reach the mens’ singles final since 1938. One day he will look back and see what an important milestone it was in his life.

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10 thoughts on “Roger Federer: Return Of The King”

    1. hi Betty, thanks for your comments. I’m not planning on predicting the tennis for the Olympics. Will look at the chart for the start of the Olympics next week. best wishes, Sally

  1. Hi Sally,

    When (if) you will be predicting US Open results. Will you do a Roger Federer prediction for a year?


    1. Lots of you have been asking about my predictions for the Olympics tennis. I won’t be making one, partly due to it being summer school holidays here so I’m dipping in and out of work but also because the Olympics for me is about all sports not just tennis. Personally I would like to see Federer or Murray win it but that’s not an astrological prediction just my preference.
      It’s interesting that Jupiter, planet of success, is in Gemini until June 2013 and the top four seeds for Wimbledon all have Gemini strong in their chart, Djokovic and Nadal are both Sun Gemini, Murray and Federer are both Midheaven Gemini (success point), so all four have the potential to do well this year. It depends on the line up of the planets at each individual event whose star is in the ascendancy and I will be posting a prediction for the US Open in August.

  2. Hi Sally,

    May I know if you have seen the charts for the olympics. I read in your blog that Nole has good chances for the US open. I am excited with the olympics. With Nadal out of the tourney, it is kind of sad. I feel like there won’t be much competition for Federer. I wonder how Djokovic’s stars are for this Olympics. Do you think if his chances are like the ones he had in Beijing? I would like to see him win. Or is it that his best time is over, after he slipped to the ranking 2 and he would not be able to do his magic again.

    Thank you. 🙂

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