Positive Planetary Pile-up

photo of a woman saying call meThis week there’s a planetary pile-up in the heavens when the Sun and Venus moving in forward motion bump into Mercury moving retrograde and all three planetary bodies are conjunct the North Node which like Mercury retrograde moves in reverse motion.

These planetary events take place within a 24 hour period from the evening of Thursday 16th October to the evening of Friday 17th October (BST).

So what does this all mean? Well, the emphasis is on the sign of Libra as this is where these planetary bodies meet. Libra is the sign of relationships, the Sun rules your self, Venus rules relating and Mercury rules communication.

Even though Mercury is retrograde, i.e. giving the illusion of moving backwards through the heavens, this is a brilliant opportunity to re-connect and speak up especially if you’re going over old ground, meeting someone from your past or trying again where you didn’t succeed first time around. It’s a light and sociable combination.

What’s especially interesting about these planetary connections is that they take place at 22-23 Libra and this picks up the Lunar or Full Moon eclipses which fell close to this point in the heavens on October 18th 2013 and April 15th 2014. If you have key planets between 21-25 Libra, this is especially powerful as the eclipse points are being triggered.

So what you thought was going to be a cosy little chat or a simple second attempt could turn out to be more profound and a conversation or encounter turns into something deep and meaningful. You may even be able to resolve an issue that first came to light one year or six months ago.

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