Pluto Conjunct South Node: Road To Nowhere

now here, no where

There’s some major astrology taking place next year and we’re already feeling this building in the world. The premise of astrology is ‘as above, so below’, i.e. what’s happening in the movement of the planets is reflected in life on earth.

Saturn/Pluto Conjunction

The major event is a conjunction of Saturn (authority) & Pluto (power) in Capricorn on January 12, 2020. This conjunction takes place once every 30-40 years. Next year’s conjunction is significant because of the star sign it’s in. Capricorn represents government, big business, the establishment.

Pluto is a destroyer by nature, it purges, wipes away. Since Pluto’s move into Capricorn in 2008, we’ve seen major shifts in the world of finance (2008 was the last financial crash), also government & world leadership. Pluto remains in Capricorn for another five years.

My theory is that Saturn coming along behind Pluto is a good thing. Saturn is strong in Capricorn, its sign of rulership. Therefore, it’s cleaning up Pluto’s corruption & absolute power and establishing new rules.

Old Order v. New Order

As we know in the battle of the Gods in mythology, the Old order has to be defeated before the New order can reign. This is a clear symbol of what’s happening astrologically.

Old established structures are breaking apart, political laws are being exposed as archaic and outdated, leaders as incompetent. We’re seeing this around the world in the UK, USA and many other countries besides.

Living in the UK, Brexit is currently a shambles and we may well be heading for a ‘no deal’ as we stumble out of Europe (which would fit this particular astrology, see description of Pluto/nodes below).

The New order begins December 2020, when there’s a Jupiter/Saturn conjunction in Aquarius – another key planetary event which happens every 20 years. Aquarius is more closely aligned to the collective, democracy, the people. Together, Jupiter & Saturn are strong leaders, both attuned to decent values.

In the world, we’re witnessing a real divide between poor & corrupt leadership based on lies & greed versus ethical & heart-led leadership based on truth & equality. The necessary readjustment is already underway.

Pluto conjunct South Node

This week, exact on April 4th, but active for a longer period, Pluto in Capricorn is conjunct the South Node, a karmic point in astrology. This is a rare event in astrology and worth noting, especially with the impending Saturn/Pluto conjunction.

The Nodes – North Node/South Node – cut across opposite axes of the zodiac and reveal insights about your destiny, your life path; where you’ve come from and where you’re heading.

The nodes fall in alignment with the eclipse cycles. Our current eclipse cycle is moving through the star signs, Cancer & Capricorn – traditional symbols of home & family (Cancer), work & responsibility (Capricorn). It’s here where changes are taking place. This eclipse phase began in July 2018 and lasts until July 2020. Another reason why this is a key period in history.

The South Node is your comfort zone, where you retreat to or withdraw in life. It’s associated with automatic patterns and habitual behaviour. You can stay here but it won’t allow you to grow & develop or fulfil your destiny in this lifetime.

The South Node is a place of release & letting go, similar to Pluto’s purging qualities. Therefore, consider your own life and what needs releasing, what you’re moving away from. Consider where you’ve become automatic or lazy.

This key event may not be obvious to everyone. It will be more meaningful if you have planets/angles close to 23 degrees Capricorn or planets/angles at 23 degrees which make a major aspect to this point (Personally, I use a 1 degree orb either side).

Road To Nowhere

Sometimes, the best way to describe what astrology means is to use the images that pop up in the language of symbolism. Recently, I’ve found myself running a loop in my own head of the iconic song ‘Road To Nowhere‘ by the wonderful David Byrne, lead singer of Talking Heads.

The image of David Byrne dressed in a black suit running endlessly but going nowhere seems an apt symbol for Pluto conjunct the South Node in Capricorn. We feel helpless when we can’t control events in the world or in our own lives.

You may have your own version of this relentless running, where you’re on a treadmill and find it hard to get off.

Here’s the video:

The Pluto/South Node conjunction can flag up where it’s time to let go, move on, give in. It reveals what’s not working out or where you have no control. All you can do is navigate your way forwards as best you can keeping in step with the changes taking place, wherever they lead you.

This process continues throughout this year and peaks in 2020. Later this month, April 2019, Saturn in Capricorn is also conjunct the South Node, so don’t turn a blind eye to whatever’s unravelling or falling apart.

(Please read your monthly horoscopes if you haven’t already – they will help you understand more about these major astrological shifts of Pluto/Saturn/South Node. Click on Monthly at the top of the page.)

I have another tune running through my head for Saturn conjunct the South Node – I wonder if you can guess what it is? (to be revealed at the end of April…)

Continue Your Life’s Celebration

A final word:

 “Let go of the spirit of the departed

and continue your life’s celebration” 


The quote above is by Allen Ginsberg (b. June 3, 1926). A Sun Gemini with a strong Pisces signature in his chart, Ginsberg was born with Pluto in Cancer conjunct the North Node in the 4th house. Pluto is a symbol of the departed as God of the Underworld.

Ginsberg spoke these words to his friend, Patti Smith, after her husband and brother died in the space of a month.

Whatever the world throws at you, whatever you are faced or confronted with in your own life, you can choose to release, let go and continue your celebration of life. It’s an important message to hold on to whenever things fall apart.

28 thoughts on “Pluto Conjunct South Node: Road To Nowhere”

  1. Hi Sally

    Thank you for the article.

    My North Node is in 23 Capricorn. Right on where it is happening.

    Is Capricorn represent father? My father is very ill. Father often comes to my mind. He is Aquarian. Since Pluto moved to Capricorn dad developed Alzheimer’s disease. It was slow to catch up. It finally caught up with him. Dad forgot me, forgot language, does not know who he is etc. This conjunction reminds me of my ill father.

    Is this conjunction repeating when Pluto retrograde?

    Thank you for any wisdom you could give me.

    1. Sally Kirkman

      Saturn, Capricorn’s ruling planet is one of the signatures for the father in traditional astrology – also, the Sun. I’m sorry to hear about your father. Saturn will also be conjunct the south node at the end of April and for most of the year until September. Pluto does not make a repeat conjunction as the South Node backs away. This sounds like a powerful year for you of release and letting go. Trust the path and grieve when you need to. Sending very best wishes.

  2. Yes Sally: this is my life. My birthday is on January 12 th when that big meeting is coming up in 2020 and I’m on the treadmill going no where… and im going no where while it sll goes to hell.

    1. Sally Kirkman

      Hi Lizette, I’m sorry to hear Pluto’s taking you down into the Underworld! It sounds like the ideal time for some deep inner work, as Pluto is also linked to hidden riches. Trust that the light always comes after the dark and look after yourself well during this difficult chapter. Sending best wishes.

  3. last time 2000 cancer Capricorn many of us moved
    a number of times.
    Upon reflecting that stood out.
    One was pregnant.
    one was recovering from cancer and is good now.
    One was my mother into care .

  4. last time 2000 cancer Capricorn many of us moved
    a number of times.
    Upon reflecting that stood out.
    One was pregnant.
    one was recovering from cancer and is good now.
    One was my mother into care .
    it struck me when I read “Move away from”
    I even read sick people can recover by going on an exciting journey. In other words Move away from.

  5. Hello Sally,

    Very interesting reading1

    I have a Saturn-Jupiter wide conjunction, with Saturn at 23 Cap and Jupiter 27 Cap, in my 8th house. I am aware of the upcoming eclipse (tomorrow) and the Saturn-Pluto conjunction on Jan 12th — both happening at the same time as my Saturn return (return exact on Jan 15th ). But this South Node-Pluto conjunction at 23 Cap is new to me. There are too many heavy, slow-moving parts for me to grasp!

    These are daunting transits. I hope I survive!

    1. The south node has left behind both Saturn and Pluto – it started moving away in April 2019 and is now in early degrees Capricorn. The 8th house is about all things hidden, so it’s a good time to think about what you want to let go of in your life – this may be around money, attachments to the past, fears or phobia, anything unhealthy that no longer serves you. Think of this as a letting go process and hopefully you’ll start to feel lighter. Also, Jupiter is coming along quickly behind Saturn so it’s your Jupiter Return too – once you’ve cut ties/cut your losses, then consider where you want to invest in life, put fresh energy in and look out for new opportunities too, especially around money. Hope that helps 🙂

  6. Astrid Watanabe

    This is interesting for me. In my birth chart I have Pluto conjunct South Node in 24 Cancer, 8’th house.
    Therefore my North Node is 24 degree Capricorn, 2nd house. Things have been interesting, to say the least.
    I will be 85 years old on this May 25th, have an appointment for surgery this June 3rd. Well, if I drop dead, never mind,
    but my cats would miss me. Just saying….

    1. Sally Kirkman

      Astrid, thanks for your comment and your dry sense of humour 🙂 Well, the Jupiter/Pluto conjunction on June 30th is at 24 degrees Capricorn, and sometimes that coincides with great wealth or power! Wishing you well.

      1. Astrid Watanabe

        Thank you for answering. Well, maybe if I recover I should make reservation to fly home on June 30th.
        If not, surely I will be reborn as a cat.

  7. This is very interesting. My natal south node and natal pluto are conjunct in my 4th house and my natal north node and natal sun conjunct in the 10th house. This has been helpful in understanding that more.

    My mind has been trying to wrap itself around this because the top got blown off something about April 4th-7th for me this year. My ascendant is 24′ Cancer, moon 18′ Cancer, Sun 26′ Aries, and north node 29′ Aries.

    So if I understand right… in those few days pluto conjuncted jupiter opposite my ascendent (on one tool I looked up they conjuncted EXACT opposite my ascendant), as well as pluto and the south node conjuncted opposite my ascendant. The transit sun square my ascendant during those days. I’m trying to make sense of all this Capricorn opposite and square these areas of my chart. I feel some kind of breakthrough, ‘switch’ flipped, or maybe the top popped off? This moment feels very connected to my nodes, but I’m not understanding it.

    1. Sally Kirkman

      Yes, breakthrough is the correct word. You have a lot going on in late degrees of cardinal signs where the major planetary activity is taking place this year. The Jupiter/Pluto conjunction is again at 24 Capricorn on June 30th and they meet one final time on November 12th at 22 Capricorn. For you, it’s about leaving the past behind in some way so you can find the authentic you on your future path – if that makes sense to you? Also, potentially a move out of your comfort zone to do what feels right for personally. Hope that helps – keep focusing on the ‘breakthrough’ symbolism.

      1. I have found this page as some of the results from the the search I had maid with the words “pluto conjunct south node” and someone here wrote that had this conjunction in the 4th house in the comments, like mine (but in Scorpio here), so I clicked to access this page. And first of all, Sally’s writing is very clear and straightforward to what matters (I have heard of a friend these days that when we ask for something in a pray, you must ask for victory – and I hava been asking for the victory of goodness, which seems to me to be the idea in these Sally’s good news, even though I fear it can get too difficult til the plotting of the field is ended to receive the seeds.

        Second is that I also have cancer ascending (23’) and I have thought today about the eclipses opposing my ascendant and descendant, reshaping them, and north node in aries 29’ – mine is in the 9th house.

        And I have searched about Pluto since I have read somewhere that Pluto conjunct South Node means “ Transformative nature. Prepare to rise to fame—for better or for worse”. And the North node is in the 9th house, and the South Node and Pluto are conjunct with my IC, in Scorpio. Sun in Gemini in the 11th conjunct Mercury, Lilith and Quiron. Al of the opposed to Saturn. I thought it was funny if it would mean being published, hahaha.

        Sorry the longe meandering, but I felt like saying thank you for the text and the coincidence of natal points.

        1. Interesting! My north node is 29° Aries and my ascendant is at 24° Cancer. Pluto is conjunct my south node also. My Lilith and Chiron are conjunct at 11° Gemini in my 11th house opposing my Saturn at 9° Sagittarius. We must be born the same year. Crazy!

      2. I’m coming back to this now. An update of sorts 🙂 since this “breakthrough” of Jupiter and Pluto coming conjunct 00°01′ opposite of my ascendant and the Pluto/South Node conjunction also opposing my ascendant. I am in the final stages of this very slow Pluto transit to my ascendant. (Pluto’s “hard” transformations and I are becoming friends, lol. In the last 8 years I’ve had transiting Pluto square my MC, oppose my moon, oppose my ascendant, and is beginning to square my sun. Ay!)

        Anyway, in the last year I have showed up so differently than I have in my life so far. Last year I learned to not be a certain way because that is “what’s expected” of me. To stand strong in my standards and truth, though to soften the edges of my approach when communicating them. I also learned, however, on occasions fierceness is needed to protect myself or what I love, which I did not do when it was necessary in the past. (I’ve had some major Lilith transits this year too! Ha!) These are some of my reflections.

        I am beginning transit Pluto square my natal 10th house Aries sun 26°28′. I have am beginning to tap into this ambitious, fierce, instinctive, resourceful side I didn’t realize I had to the extent and depth that I actually do. I am enjoying regular exercise and experiencing physical strength. It’s not all been cake and roses, and I have a couple years to go, but I’ve learned with hard Pluto transits to be ok with discomfort. There is discomfort letting go of things or starting new areas of growth.

        I ended my job of 7 years two days ago not knowing what is next, but I know it is right. I’ve been working on a business idea (not like me prior to this last year) and am trying some different ways to support myself with my creative talents while continuing to work on this business idea. Here goes!

        1. Thanks for your comment, Julianne and wow, big Pluto transits. Definitely key themes are letting go and starting over – it’s the planet of transformation after all. I’m glad you’re able to use the perspective of astrology to help you make sense of what’s happening and work with the astrology rather than fight against it. Sending you best wishes.

  8. I have 5° SN conj 7° Pluto, Scopio 4h. I’m a cancer asc, 23° & my cap sun and venus sit on my DC at 23°. My pisces 9h moon is at 20°, Neptune is currently transiting. Something is happening to me where I feel like I’m being reborn into myself again but being called to arms for a war I’m not yet told about.

    1. Sally Kirkman

      You have some major astrology transits taking place including all the major planets – Jupiter/Saturn/Pluto, Neptune & Uranus. So, not surprising that this feels like a time of rebirth, renewal. Keep observing yourself, your life and see what transpires. Sending best wishes.

  9. Charlotte Bernard

    Hello Sally K. I have south node in Capricorn with pluto now about to turn Rx. Born 1944. May 14.
    Progressed moon just finished scorpio and into sagg. and right away a religious volunteer called and we had a nice talk but in the end i found the Bible too heavy and prefer yoga etc astrology for now.
    One of the things i did was to suddenly break away from this woman saying see you on the other side and that night i revisited my departed dad to acknowledge our mutual weakness. Mars in cancer. He died at 64.
    Also tried to interact with my brother who got caught in a knife slashing at his local library around Vancouver BC and was seriously injured but will recover. Slashes to the head, back and left eye. Hes 78. Libra.
    What i noticed happening was a stream of liquid like water from one of his nostrils so i determined, i hoped it was a balancing of the fluids Ida and Pin gala . I myself have recently felt that psychologically I turned away from a racial cause of injustice recently because the significant , to me, efforts i made throughout my life has not produced results like yoga has produced them. So I don’t know what south node and Pluto is going to be about. Its actually on my part of inheritance at 27 but I don’t think anyones left to leave anything.
    I m okay pretty much that way. Not thriving. I do feel havoc with my body. Maybe that was the moon in scorpio by progression through my sixth house. I had to combat mild illnesses throughout and bugs in my apt kitchen that got on my nerves but I got natural products and pretty much won the war. Pluto! Energy is low and i get tired or exhausted but i think its better lately. Sun maybe. Geez i sure write the letters on here.

    1. All very Plutonic. Consider what you’re letting go of as both south node and Pluto have those themes. Sending best wishes.

  10. Hello Sally

    This is well after the comments above but in December 2021 I will have first Venus conjunct then Pluto conjunct my natal South Node in Capricorn at 26o. It is also my Partner’s natal North Node. And Mercury is in the mix.

    At this time natal Uranus trines my natal Sun plus Chiron quincunx natal Jupiter and squares natal Saturn

    A few months ago I had a heart attach and ended up in open heart surgery with a quadruple bi-pass. It really brought me down, BIG TIME, I feel like a rag doll with no stuffing. I’ve let go of everything, my fiances, my home, my furniture and all my possessions, my business. That was after the loss of my marriage of 17 years. And as mentioned above I’ve now found a new partner. It was wonderful but we’ve just been through a rocky patch.

    Are you able to give me some indication of what to expect with Pluto on my South Node and on my partner’s North Node? By the way, my husband had a similar Nth/Sth Node as my current partner, except that they are near enough to 9 years apart.

    Thank you. I’ll be very grateful if you are able to assist.

    1. One more thing, as for me as a person, it’s like I’m also letting go of my driving need to create in my career. In Numerology I’m a 22 Master Builder.

      It’s like I’m becoming more mellow, more feminine, more accepting of assistance and beginning to rely on others. More trusting I would say.

      I’m looking at starting again and doing it differently.

    2. I’m sorry to hear about your heart attack – that all feels very Plutonic to be fair – Pluto is the planet of rebirth! Re. the Pluto transit, consider what house the nodes are in for both of you. What needs to be cleared out, let go of – all Pluto themes. It’s hard to elaborate more than that as I’ve seen Pluto transits play out in many different ways. Keep close tabs on the symbolism – death, transformation, psychoanalysis, purging, the phoenix rising from the ashes, decluttering, detoxing, the past re-emerging, etc.

  11. Brigitte Eve Andrea

    From Clairvision Astrologer….In a Natal chart, when your Pluto conjuncts the North or South Node. then you have incarnated on Earth along with a whole group of wizards and powerful magicians to do some necessary “cleaning up” on the astral plane…this is one of your major tasks and one of the reasons you are here, besides all other aspects. I was born with Pluto conjunct South Node in Virgo 9th House: I am also a Born Wizard (Jupiter and Pluto conjunct in Virgo 9th House) and a wizard-in-the-making–here to also advance , learn or change some personal part of my Mars? profile. Work! Work! Work!

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