Pisces Your Year Ahead 2016

Pisces, 2016Sam Taylor Johnson Sun Pisces (b. March 4 1967)

film maker, photographer, visual artist, directed ‘Fifty Shades of Grey’ (2015)

met second husband Aaron Johnson when he was 19 and she was 42

Pisces 2016 – Summary (see Special Offer below on how to purchase your in-depth annual horoscope).

There’s no doubt this is a big year for you and on the back of the huge wave of the Jupiter-Neptune opposition in September 2015, you’re surfing in to the new year full of hopes and dreams.

Tapping into your Piscean qualities gets you noticed, whether you’re a sensitive, compassionate type, your creativity and imagination are your strong suit, you’re a poet, musician or artist or you’re a spiritual being who shares their light with the world. Be true to who you are and use your gifts to make a difference.

The key to your success in 2016 is to find a way to materialise your goals and turn hope and dreams into reality. Saturn in your career sector helps you create order out of chaos and if you work hard you can implement your long-term ambitions.

Yet Saturn is the taskmaster of the heavens so don’t take on too much as a higher level of responsibility equals a busier more stressful lifestyle. At times, the pace of life will be unbearably fast and at other times, frustratingly slow. Pace yourself.

Love brings you the greatest joy and liberation is a key theme in your year ahead. Partner up with people who inspire you and you them. Expand your horizons, dream big and move beyond everyday worries and concerns as best you can.

This is not the time to let life hold you back and a change in attitude especially around money brings a new sense of freedom.

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