Pisces Year Ahead 2018

PiscesEvery year I write a popular and comprehensive annual eBook which is your guide to the year ahead.

It includes horoscopes for each of the 12 star signs and an extensive overview of the year’s astrology (over 170 pages in total).

It’s a must-have read and will help you plan ahead and get ahead in 2018. Below is a summary of what’s in store for Pisces.

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For most of 2018, it’s about the journey rather than the destination. Life is waiting to be explored to the full, and you’re being encouraged to delve into mysterious and magical realms. Go beyond the everyday and the obvious and fire up your creative imagination. You might choose to follow a spiritual path or be inspired by travel, study and the pursuit of meaning.

You start to discover what it means to experience a more stable financial period in your life too, and there’s less drama and more emotional ease. Go with the flow in life and lead wherever it takes you. This is a year to actively pursue joyful experiences and appreciate what you have and the loved ones in your life.

Make time to review your group associations or political affiliations and veer towards people and friends of influence. Seek out new role models and don’t hang out with people who drag you down, even if you believe you must hang in with them. Freshen up your friendships and new ideas and activities swiftly follow.

Health and healing require your time and attention. Be kind to yourself rather than a harsh critic. Carve out space in your schedule for downtime and a holiday that’s nurturing and rejuvenating. Aim for less stress and more peace and balance your responsibilities with time for yourself.

Big goals await you at the end of the year when your career or vocation take off and you soar to a new level. Believe that anything’s possible and turn your positive attitude towards a new and exciting chapter in your life.

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