Pisces Your Year Ahead 2015

earth in the sea“Logic will get you from A to Z; imagination will get you everywhere”

Albert Einstein, physicist, Sun Pisces (b. March 14 1879)


Pisces 2015 Year Ahead Summary

Getting the balance right at work and with regard to your responsibilities is vital if you’re to achieve a healthy lifestyle in the year ahead. You may decide to move on from one particular position or role that weighs too heavy upon you and instead give yourself a break so your everyday routine is lighter and easier.

New partnerships open up that help you out not only financially but in other key areas as well. The roller-coaster ride of money whizzing in and out continues but with a little help from your friends you’re more in control. A new relationship phase is beginning and from the middle of the year onwards you realise how important it is to commit to love.

The path ahead is opening up and there are choices to make regarding travel, education and your spiritual path. You begin to realise that sometimes it doesn’t matter so much what you do in life as long as you’re continuing to move forward. Worry less about your chosen destination and enjoy the journey of life to the max.

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